Example sentences of "can be [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Under such circumstances a ticket can be worth less to its owner than to somebody else ; if so , a sale will benefit both parties .
2 I can tell you it 's all expenses paid , it 's a fabulous trip , and er , we 'll tell you how perhaps , you can be on that plane to Sydney with us , later in the programme .
3 and etcetera er I can be on that course ?
4 Equitable Life Assurance Society in Guernsey ( 0481 716021 ) has designed International Investment Plan written under Guernsey life law and which can be on joint lives ; while International Personal Pension Plan written under Guernsey pensions legislation can only be written on a single life .
5 The Social Services department has a variety of equipment which can be on free loan to you if you are assessed to need it .
6 On Health Master , because it 's quite a common thing where employees can be on full pay for six months , then half for the next six months .
7 Erm we we are I will be er as brief as I possibly can be on this one .
8 well you can be on another planet you know
9 With older , annular-type heaters , the tappings can be on opposite sides of the cylinder .
10 Entries , which must not exceed 2,000 words , can be on any subject , fact or fiction and there is a separate section for poetry .
11 It seems to occur in some manufacturers ' products more than others , and is not a problem with ‘ safe ’ tools such as drills , but can be with bladed tools .
12 f The past 3 years have made us see how very interested GPs can be with this group .
13 She 's as satisfied with me as she can be with any man .
14 Relative advantage over other existing products — the importance here is whether the potential consumers perceive advantage in the product , which can be for many reasons
15 Lets can be for 364 days or for two separate periods in winter and summer .
16 It 's incredible what an aphrodisiac the prospect of motherhood can be for some women .
17 I mean anyone who comes into contact with foreigners , and them trying to grasp our language , knows you know has an insight into how difficult into how difficult it can be for some some people .
18 This can be for unexpected circumstances , such as short term domestic crisis .
19 Our desire can be for physical satisfaction , for wealth , power or the need for recognition , for satisfying the intellect or our heart , or simply for the seeking of pleasure .
20 Loans can be for double glazing , cavity wall insulation , loft conversion , central heating — permanent improvements that make your home more comfortable to live in — and if you 're thinking of more than one improvement , a loan can be arranged to cover this .
21 Whilst we ask you to make regular monthly repayments , these can be for any sum from 1/10th to 1/25th of your borrowing limit to suit your pocket , and you can change the amount at any time .
22 When the wind is strong , which it can be for several days in a row , sailing is brisk but safe in the local sheltered area .
23 The work can be at various levels from initial reconnaissance to diamond drilling but is not intended to go beyond the discovery stage of a mineral deposit .
24 Lunch can be at four , dinner at ten ( blame it on the midday heat ) .
25 Such a border can be at least as ornamental as the conventional one , given the range of plants which are now considered to be herbs , and it is much more likely to be the haunt of bees and butterflies , as well as being more aromatic and fragrant .
26 Because nothing can travel faster than light , an object that can vary its output of energy within a period of a few days can be at best a few light-days across .
27 The quantum model in physics contains the possibility that individual quanta can be at different energy levels .
28 The latter form handles for winding in the line and the handles can be at opposite ends , or have one central to act as a pivot , rotating in the free hand .
29 Woodlands , however , can be at some distance , as people will only need to fetch firewood , poles , and so on for tools and fencing , or timber for construction , periodically .
30 Similarly , extensive pastures can be at some distance , since animals can be walked there and kept there for some time by herdsmen .
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