Example sentences of "say [prep] [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Whatever you say about home-made porn , you ca n't really accuse it of propagating images that further oppressive sexual stereotypes .
2 What if , say for local example , the principal of the Glasgow School of Art , his leg broken while foolishly roaming the hills in the amateurish manner of town dwellers , and also brought half-dead to Castle Bewick should spy , carelessly hidden beneath a sofa-cushion , a drawing of such rare and touching brilliance that he too , broken leg notwithstanding , should limp forward , eyes blazing , the paper shaking in his hand …
3 Far from it , what they say for public consumption appears to be at odds with what they are saying privately .
4 Early recognition as I say of mental illness in an employee and early treatment is better for both the company and the employee .
5 To capture the social aspects of deixis , we would need to add at least one further dimension , say of relative rank , in which the speaker is socially higher , lower or equal to the addressee and other persons that might be referred to .
6 It was a moment or two before she was able to control the wild surge of emotion and say with commendable aplomb , ‘ Good morning , Signor Lorenzo .
7 Once this condition is reached , say with potential difference , balance is approached much better by adjusting the quadrature component to reach a new range to that corresponds to magnitudes of potential differences indistinguishable from some new much lower minimum .
8 When we adhered to the gold standard , the House had no say in monetary policy because the money supply was dictated arbitrarily and objectively by the volume of gold discovered in the world .
9 It also has a major say in academic provision , student welfare , accommodation and national education policy .
10 The icing on the scrummy cake is the brilliant pre-match options menu , offering the selection of your squad , any of the eight national teams , a full tournament , lots of control options , two-player games and , as they say in cruddy Christmas album adverts , much much more !
11 And , as I 'm sure you know — the Inspector 's judicious glance swept his audience — ‘ we can sometimes do in passion , say in passionate hatred , what we could n't do ordinarily .
12 I was just going to say , I think what you say on full employment , erm , elsewhere they 're keeping wages and pay up is n't it , erm , and I 've known a couple in Telford again , that there 's work there , a new company it 's perfectly easy to take on all the good skilled labour they want , then they say they feel they 're very guilty because they 're poaching it from across the road , the British company has probably been two wages so that the jobs , it does mount up , so I do n't , I , I would like to know more about erm , what the low pay unit would really do to help us , and I look at this eight thousand two hundred and eighty pounds , and I think that would go an awful long way in the Mr Chairman , in helping to keep that going , which creates all the people who leave and get jobs , and good jobs , and get skills , and erm , I , I , it may be if there 's going to be a big budget , eight thousand pounds is not very much , but I , but when you think an individual project like that of course , any sort of traineeship , it 's a lot of money .
13 As a potential finesse on Mal , Mike also called Bob at Binary with a view to repossessing the option on ‘ Sonnet ’ plus development money at rolling compound — and redeveloping it somewhere else entirely , say at Red Giant , where Rodge was known to be very interested .
14 Er so , that task , much of it under legislation , is carried out by fire officers and much of it as I say by good will and erm er advice to householders and bodies and erm big concerns and so on .
15 I hear what the Minister says about regional policy in the past .
16 Erm now it says it says about Informed Consent forms .
17 Everything that Labour says about public spending shows that it is completely indifferent to inflation , which would have a bad effect on unemployment .
18 After what we 've said about visual support , it might seem perverse to use a video machine without the picture .
19 ‘ There has n't been anything said about foul play yet . ’
20 Erm the following the the last meeting of the committee , erm the matter was er raised by your Chairman and er he asked me to send to all of you er a copy of an extract from the erm Commissions Report relating to Derbyshire and a copy of a Department of the Environment press release of the twenty second of October which refers to one or two things that er David Curry had said about strategic planning and that was sent out to all members of the committee on the twenty second of November and erm n not expecting you to have brought back with you or to have remembered exactly what it said , perhaps I can just erm refer to the , the options for erm strategic planning that were outlined by Mr Curry in that press release and i the er erm er paper that he had delivered .
21 Is there anything to be said about other phrase types : prepositional phrases , adverb phrases , adjective phrases ?
22 A good deal is said about nuclear proliferation and Goldschmidt staunchly defends France 's uncompromising stance on trading in uranium .
23 Nothing was said about institutional reform .
24 Nor has anything been said about precise method .
25 In my judgment natural justice requires that the prisoner be told what the judges have recommended , and anything the trial judge has said about relative culpability , in such time that he can make representations before the Home Secretary fixes the tariff period .
26 But can the same be said for international law ?
27 Games are an integral part of any school 's curriculum and the same can be said for New College , but all the pupils are blind or have got very little sight .
28 We 're in a mess and nothing is going to pull us out ; I am not a socialist ; I 'm not impressed by your little man in Rome ; I do n't like ultra-nationalists ( I 'm not one of those who 'd follow the general ) ; I think there is something to be said for constitutional monarchy but in France that cause is as dead as mutton ; I have not much faith in the League , nor in democracy as an up-to-date technique of government .
29 He says of carnal intimacy with a prophylactic that it is ‘ not so bad ’ .
30 And county consumer protection officer David Holliday says despite extensive publicity only a trickle of people have been using them .
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