Example sentences of "i 've give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Now you think that because I am I am forgiven and I preach forgiveness that I would be pretty good as up people , but that 's part of my human failure and I must admit that I 've given plenty of opportunity to practice at home and at work er the opportunity to forgive , but it does n't come easily and certainly it is n't a strong feature of the non-Christian world in which I work and which you will be working soon .
2 ‘ Look lady , I 've given ya all the rope I could and I guess you jus ' plumb hung yourself .
3 I 've given her something — ‘
4 I 've given her a mild sedative and I 'll sit here with her myself until she sleeps . ’
5 I 've given her a draught .
6 I 've given her some of the Veronal her doctor prescribed and she 's gone to bed .
7 I 've given her something and she should rest . ’
8 Here I 've given her four tubes
9 And , I 'd like to say that er , Diana er er , has been extremely helpful , and I 've given her a bit of he aid , in trying to raise that kind of money .
10 I still have n't given , that 's reminded me seeing Shona there , I , I do n't think I 've given her that pair of trousers and the sweatshirt and I told her that I 've got them .
11 I 've had , I 've had two hundred pounds worth , I 've given her a cheque for two hundred pounds
12 It 's pretty much ready to go but I 'm quite keen to extend this playtime period I 've given myself .
13 It 's always the pressure that I give myself , and I 've given myself a lot of pressure this last year ’ , she revealed .
14 And then I feel that I 've given myself to somebody who thinks my heart is a pretty flower .
15 I think I 've given myself too much dinner .
16 Well I 'm gon na come out , I said er , I 'm going to , I 'm gon na get well , I 've given myself a fortnight this weekend
17 At least , Scarlet thought , Camille did n't notice I 've given her wholemeal bread .
18 I 've given her strict instructions never to do anything like that again ! ’
19 I 've given her her hairdryer back on trial , I 've told her .
20 And she gave us these so I said , well I 've given her towels , wait and give it her for next .
21 But we 'll manage something — he 's going to write — I 've given him your address , Bina — when you get a letter from Spain it 'll be to me from him — you will hide them from your parents , wo n't you ?
22 I 've given him a couple of garters for his socks .
23 ‘ Paxstone , and I 've given him orders to shoot and be damned .
24 And I 've given him that .
25 I 've given him some some things to play he 's going to play with his pennies and make patterns and work out his tables .
26 I 've given him the newspaper to read — I thought it might take his mind off things . ’
27 I 've given him all the figures .
28 I 've given him until tomorrow morning to make up his mind .
29 I 've given him an anti-tetanus injection and told him not to shave over those scratches for the next few days . ’
30 Trouble is in the past I 've given him Liberty silk ties .
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