Example sentences of "i can give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Now I ca n't wait until I can give her a big hug . ’
2 Well happiness then what I can give her .
3 Not that she saw me teased , but even now I can give her back you know
4 That 's the , that 's the whole point , you , you have to start somewhere , yes I can give her a bit of paper , yes she can throw it in the bin , it 's made no difference , in fact I think it 's getting worse since I spoke to her , is n't it ?
5 If I can give them to him , then perhaps he will leave you out of all this .
6 If Labour Members do not think that their party is the most cynical shower alive , I can give them a classic example from my county .
7 Basically the system is our cover note book control , er , we issue cover note books to agents and it 's up to us to make sure that they 're all issued in sequence , as their legal documents etc , and a minute a gap comes up we have to chase them etc , it 's run by erm , people quite low units and they scared of a job and tend to put it off as lose , and I want to visit and try and influence them so I can give them some help and to change it and bring it up to date , because it 's er .
8 And I said er , I 'll take the children back to my house with me , at least they 'll be warm , I can give them a drink or something .
9 And then I can give them an idea of price , and we can work out what it 's going to cost .
10 ‘ And he has all the support I can give him to go for it next year . ’
11 I mean he does n't want for nothing , he gets as much as I can give him .
12 I 've wanted him all my life , and I can give him in return what he most desires — La Tour Monchauzet .
13 My hon. Friend referred to the north-west of England , and I can give him the figure for Lancashire .
14 I can give him the assurance that both he and the local authority in his constituency will have ample opportunity to express their views on how best to design the line to reduce the environmental impact .
15 The best answer that I can give him is that the fact that Mr. Thorpe had available to him the escape route of appealing to a health authority elsewhere in the country meant that the process was not carried to its conclusion in north Devon .
16 if I can give him that one .
17 I can give him two more injections in about half an hour , but — ’ she shook her head again' — it 's a losing battle , I 'm afraid . ’
18 If it 's just a cough to go with the cold then there 's nothing they can do anyway , but if it 's an asthmatic cough then I can give him some erm Ventolin .
19 before he comes along and er ask er to put me one on and I can give him the money in the bet ,
20 And I 'm delighted , frankly , that people write to me that early and say , ‘ I 'm not going to come ’ , because I can give their places to somebody else .
21 Well , it 's good to have some sort of an explanation I can give everyone .
22 Some of his displays have reminded me of Gerald Davies at his best — and I can give no-one a greater compliment .
23 With a little money , so 's I can give yer a decent wedding . ’
24 Now about getting physical activity , I , I ca n't say that I can give your a er er a foolproof method because it will depend upon you .
25 ‘ The precise scale you ca n't quantify , but I can give you the parameters .
26 I can give you the address of her solicitors — Kenwards , two-partner firm in Kensington .
27 ‘ All I can give you at this stage is fine words when what is needed is action .
28 I can give you clinical depression .
29 Then perhaps we can have a talk and find out what I can give you as a reward for preventing heavy damage to my hayfield . ’
30 Actually , this is all I can give you … lightning flashes of highlights … momentary glimpses of specific scenes … mental pictures to be recorded on paper , for posterity .
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