Example sentences of "i can [vb infin] the " in BNC.

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1 My Icelandic only runs to ‘ coffee , please , ’ but I can tell the essence of his story from the colour of his face .
2 I do n't know where he is , I 'll smash his head in when we get home , taking care to use the rolling-pin , then I can tell the judge I was just rolling out the sausage plait when he took me unawares .
3 Just in case Sir Denis 's memory is equally defective , I can tell the Thatchers that he was indeed at her side that May afternoon .
4 Seumas Ban the steward whiles comes down special to give me the word , so that I can tell the bees . ’
5 But if the team was you and me , for a start , and Jazz is okay — he wants to do it , I can tell the way he looked , and he 's bright … well , we 're halfway there . ’
6 I can tell the difference between a sparrow and a swan and that 's about it .
7 I said to her , ‘ Look I 'm going out in a couple of weeks , you must tell me exactly what happened so I can tell the papers about it . ’
8 The Home Secretary asked the Lord Chief Justice for his opinion and , said the Home Secretary , ‘ I can tell the House that he would be strongly opposed ’ to the proposal , on the ground that it was for Parliament , not the judges , to decide which types of murder should be met with death .
9 But I can tell the Hon. Gentleman that sufficient time will be given to take all such considerations properly into account .
10 Some of them use super P C K and some of them use Smart Drive and buggered if I can tell the difference .
11 I can tell the hon. Gentleman about the review , which was commissioned in 1989 .
12 I can tell the House why the hon. and learned Gentleman is wrong .
13 Whether we take the retail prices index minus mortgage interest payments or producer prices , the rate of inflation has declined sharply in the past year and I suspect that the underlying measures of inflation will continue to decline in the next year — I can tell the right hon. and learned Member for Monklands , East ( Mr. Smith ) , who is interrupting from a sedentary position , that the underlying rate of inflation compares extremely well with the position under the Labour Government of which he was a member .
14 I can tell the hon. Gentleman that his local authority of Dumbarton will benefit .
15 Unlike the Labour party and the Militant Tendency we tend not to have card-carrying women , but I can tell the hon. Lady , although I was not asked this question , that precisely 50 per cent .
16 I can tell the hon. Gentleman with the full authority of my office and my responsibility for the programme that if one cuts £6 billion from the defence budget no defence job in the country will be safe .
17 However , I can tell the hon. Member for Banff and Buchan what I am seeking to achieve .
18 I can tell the House exactly whom they will go to — they will still come to their Member of Parliament at Westminster .
19 I can tell the House something about the right hon. Gentleman : he opposed the deployment of the cruise missile , and of Trident — something that he now says he supports .
20 On the results of the competition , I can tell the House that the tenders produced a winner by a very clear margin .
21 At present , other matters are proceeding , but I can tell the hon. Gentleman — I am grateful to him for seeking clarification — that in respect of a further order for type 23s , I expect that to be at a broadly similar interval comparing this with the previous order that was placed .
22 I can tell the hon. Gentleman that the offshore safety division is a separate , discrete , independent division of the Health and Safety Executive .
23 I can tell the difference between red wires and black wires , you know , ’ said Dorcas mildly , prodding another wire .
24 Now that I know the genetic formula of my insects , I can reproduce them at will , and I can tell the computer to " evolve " towards them from any arbitrary starting point .
25 Perhaps the honourable member should do a competitiveness survey and go somewhere else for his queue , I do n't know but what I can tell the honourable gentleman is that even though there were losses in the banking industry for the last year there have been strongly offsetting rises in insurance and business services .
26 I can reassure the hon. Gentleman that that will continue .
27 I can reassure the hon. Gentleman that , to use the time-honoured phrase , we have no present plans to undertake such an exercise .
28 I can reassure the hon. Gentleman that the terms and conditions of junior doctors will continue to be negotiated nationally .
29 I can reorganise the Rorim , with Udairn and Dunan to help me .
30 It took almost an hour for Murray to prepare an 15-word statement saying : ‘ I can confirm the ball was changed at lunch-time but will make no further comment . ’
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