Example sentences of "i can [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll have to you 've got ta give me chance to buy papa and grandma 's grandpa 's and I can wrap them up and give them to them at the golden wedding or ca n't I ?
2 I can wrap myself in a cloak or something . ’
3 A towel that I 've put over the radiator to get warm so I can wrap it cosily round myself and hug myself dry .
4 ‘ Now I can carve her again , ’ Michael said with satisfaction , when the customer had gone .
5 I can tell her owt and she 'll believe it ! ’ — Well you ca n't con me .
6 Tammuz looked at his daughter and thought , ‘ Now I can tell her .
7 " If she knows , them there 's nothing I can tell her , but the truth , " he said lightly , desperately hoping it would n't come to that .
8 I think they should get rid of the stigma in condoms , cos what frightens me is that in about ten years time my daughter will come and maybe ask if she can go on the pill and at least I can tell her no , use a condom there 's less chance of sexually transmitted diseases , but it 's my sons they wo n't come and ask .
9 He seemed to be trying to pull himself together and just as the bus appeared at the mouth of the square , he murmured : ‘ Do n't worry about Mama ; she will have understood what you were thinking , and in any case I can tell her if you 'd like . ’
10 ‘ Ring Sam , ’ suggested Tim , ‘ and tell her to get her arse over here so I can tell her about the window . ’
11 if I leave this here through , I can tell her what she want what i want her to do .
12 a sight worse then I can tell ya , he did a , a
13 ‘ As far as I can tell their clubs are doing very well .
14 I can tell nothing , ’ Huy said .
15 I can tell something is wrong and that you 're dying to spoil things for me .
16 As a postscript to my days in Port Said , perhaps I can tell one brief , romantic story .
17 ‘ Gave us a start , I can tell ye , coming on 'er like that lurking in the shadows .
18 I 'm cursing because the pigeon chooses this moment for an escape bid up the neck of my Spidersuit , plus I can tell they know I must be close but ca n't quite imagine the trans-shed escape route I 've taken .
19 I can tell them you 're experienced . ’
20 I can tell them they will never , ever return to Barnet while I am chairman if they are captured . ’
21 I run into the arms of Andy 's parents walking with the dogs near the ornamental ponds and it seems like an age before I can tell them what 's happened because my voice wo n't work and I can see the fear in their eyes and they 're asking , ‘ Where is Andrew ?
22 Where is Andrew ? ’ and eventually I can tell them and Mrs Gould gives a strange little shuddering cry and Mr Gould tells her to get the people in the house and phone for an ambulance and runs away down the path towards the river with the four Golden Labradors barking excitedly behind him .
23 Well I can tell Oh I can tell them wh In fact I would be prepared to do that .
24 Well then they wo n't talk to me they wo n't take any notice anyway , if they do , I 've got a letter I can tell them what I 'm doing .
25 I can tell him things because he 's not involved , as you and Adams are . ’
26 I can tell him how important it is for us to have a home of our own .
27 I can tell him how the Store nomes thought that his grandfather created the world .
28 If the Headmaster walks in and there 's a bit of chaos I can tell him why it 's a mess and it does n't bother me .
29 I can tell him frankly that the Government are not separatist .
30 I hesitate to correct the hon. Gentleman 's pronunciation , but in my day I fought the constituency of Islwyn which is now represented by the Leader of the Opposition , and I can tell him that it is pronounced ’ Issloin ’ .
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