Example sentences of "i mean at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I mean at six thirty .
2 I mean at first I did n't know what you mean , but I do now .
3 So when someone walks up with the intention of breaking in a light comes on , I mean at one time , it 's not the same now , but at one time when these lights with the detectors first came out , nobody actually knew whether they were switched on or not .
4 structures , their possibilities I mean at one stage they would have been at a certain level had n't got a landlord their income but that 's within one particular moral economy , now the idea here is to break that down , you know , just get rid of the circle altogether .
5 Not quite cos I mean at one time , when he was Christopher 's age god he was never free from cold was he ?
6 I mean even us we we 're going in and out intensive care having a fag , having a cup of coffee , walking in , we 're full of germs I mean at one time you used to have to have gloves you know , did n't you ?
7 I mean at one stage we go back a hundred years — back to Dalton he thought of his atoms as being fundamental entities that could never be broken up , whereas now we know that an atom is a very complicated structure and we can measure things about atoms , we can measure the distribution , we can where the electrons and so on are .
8 I mean at one time it was the Times Literary Supplement or something with an Oxford box around it .
9 ‘ That is n't what I mean at all .
10 That 's not what I mean at all .
11 I mean at that time say perhaps go in the pub the or the or the , I mean there used to be so many pubs round the er , the dock area then , I mean you take the , and erm then there used to be the erm there was all them pubs round the dock then , noth one or two more but I ca n't re oh the was another one .
12 I mean we 've , I mean at that point you 've got that was the point where you 've got the massive United States aid coming in erm you , you 've got erm United States equipping China with all enormous fire power , sending tanks in etcetera , I mean this was the beginning of , of the realization of the United States that , that the communists were a threat and they did n't like it and they , they were putting massive ai aid erm and , and that there was all that United States war machine erm
13 I mean at that point I would either do that , you know er change it or that would have been it
14 Well this is about , I mean at this point it 's about one o'clock in the morning .
15 Well we were n't anyway there was very few pe , I mean at this time of the year I suppose but there was one place and it said Sunday lunch , there was a sort of black board outside , Sunday lunch erm four pound was it four fifty it was four fifty was n't it ?
16 Chairman you 've got to allow me because by the time I 've finished you wo n't be able to stop me , er , but I mean if there 's a lot of money floating about in this area then I think that er , some committee or other should be looking at the the refurbishment of the courts in Devizes which are a disgrace , and partly the fault of this council when th they were allowed to get into such a state , and I mean at some stage or other , something or else is gon na to have to happen to them and I would hope that the magistrates in their wisdom in some committee or other are , are deciding to take these courts back into use .
17 This is n't what I meant at all !
18 ‘ That was n't what I meant at all . ’
19 I Have n't needed try , Brenda , I ca n't I mean at one time I 'd have devoured that .
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