Example sentences of "i [vb mod] give you " in BNC.

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1 I should add that there are also a great many flowers that seem to have rather negative meanings , such as the lovely little lawn daisy , which apparently means ‘ delay ’ , or ‘ return after a few days when I may give you an answer ’ — not necessarily the most suitable text to put on a bookmark .
2 The thing is , Bob , if I may give you some advice based on long and hard experience , not to start off by renting somewhere , if you can possibly avoid it . ’
3 if I may give you a word of advice , you may think it 's rude , but when Mr is asking questions try not to turn down towards him , if you try and face across the jury , that 's what carries the voice if you 're looking at them , if you turn to your left , a bit of your head goes down a bit , it 's only natural , you 're not as used to courts as Mr is , er , he , he , your , it , your voice smothers , it 's not a question of shouting it 's just looking in the right direction , yes Mr go on
4 I must give you my personal assurances that this infant is receiving perfect care .
5 I must give you a reason for fighting .
6 ‘ That reminds me , I must give you back the two pounds you sent me .
7 I must give you one and take it for her .
8 I think the first answer I must give you is , is simply in terms of my personal biography .
9 Well I should give you er
10 " J'ai été très heureux d'avoir été compris par une si aimable Anglaise " , he said , and ended " if you were French I should give you a kiss .
11 I think I should give you some general information about Lilliput .
12 I might give you a name one day and the next day the vacancy would be filled .
13 Were you for instance more comfortable with a Mother fixation , I might give you a Catholic programme or a Russian Orthodox icon system .
14 Never know ; I might give you some more . "
15 Dangerous thing to say we 've already said , but preparing notes is lastly down to yourselves , I might give you a few tips on that .
16 I might give you a ring later and say can you have Aaron
17 I might give you one to do it next week .
18 When I 've found out when she can come and give me a hand , I 'll give you a ring . ’
19 I 'll give you a shout in two hours ’ time . ’
20 ‘ Get good marks and I 'll give you a terrific record .
21 I 'll give you a ring later ’ , he said , and with Hermione Farthingale , David Bowie just walked out of my life .
22 ‘ You come with me , ’ she says , ‘ and I 'll give you a night you 'll never forget . ’
23 I 'll give you my phone number , so your mother can ring when she gets in . ’
24 Maybe I 'll give you a discount , too .
25 If you like I 'll give you the addresses of a few girlfriends .
26 ‘ We were wrong about what she knew , I 'll give you that .
27 I 'll give you an example … . ’
28 I 'll give you a running commentary , though .
29 I 'll give you three guesses . ’
30 ‘ Shut up , Diana , or I 'll give you a backhander . ’
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