Example sentences of "it often [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 If the Federation took up a case , it often meant that the worker in question was dismissed on some pretext , accused of robbery for example .
2 If a comrade paused to lend a hand , it often meant that two would drown instead of one .
3 In the past , it often seemed that the fines were too small to be effective — the maximum fine a magistrates court can impose is £2,000 .
4 Before I met Maureen , it often seemed that for someone like myself , who was and is very interested in learning about all aspects of bird life , there was nowhere to go except libraries .
5 In a field landing it often happens that on the final approach or even during the hold off you realise that the first part of the field is not as smooth as it is further along .
6 In the course of such conversations it often happens that the bereaved person is not only troubled by thoughts that they might be going mad but by the notion that they are very bad .
7 For it often happens that the things we take for granted are the very things that need most explaining , but to which we give least attention because we are barely conscious of them ourselves .
8 It often happens that young children find it enormously difficult to ‘ surrender power ’ .
9 The fact is , that though strong natural genius is always accompanied with strong natural tendency to its object , yet it often happens that the tendency is found where the Genius is wanting .
10 It often happens that a particular cat finds itself betrayed by a friendly human hand .
11 It often happens that the greater the area of choice , the less clear cut are the guidelines .
12 It often happens that we wish to change the status of the bistable outputs with successive lock pulses .
13 While it is not my intention to turn conventional theory on its head , it often happens that theories become accepted facts because people simply repeat them , without anyone ever questioning them .
14 It often happens that while on their southward migration in autumn , they get forced off course by westerly gales , at times arriving in Shetland in large numbers .
15 This is an important topic ; it often happens that an approximate reciprocal of a matrix A is known : perhaps from a rough calculation , or one in which an error has been made , or even that belonging to a neighbour matrix of A. Refinement of this approximate reciprocal is then required .
16 Yet , it often happens that these variables are socially salient and important for historical projection on to earlier states of language .
17 SIR — It has already been reported that , contrary to official policy , the scientific merits of candidates for academic promotion in Italy are not given primary consideration by the members of the judging commission , so it often happens that a loser has a curriculum vitae ( c.v. ) clearly superior to that of a winner .
18 It often happens that the initial choice of weights is poor , and the program should learn improved weights .
19 Yet it often happens that when a new kung fu student enters a kwoon , with pre-conceived ideas about fighting , and is shown basic techniques that look as though they were aimed at primary school level , he looks for more in those techniques than there actually is .
20 In practice , however , it often happens that the operating thrust of different , parts of the organisation are not aligned since the structure has evolved with reference to one part rather than the whole .
21 In industry it often happens that a great deal of thought goes into the design of a project , when the real problem is finding the right person to run the project .
22 " For it often happens that in such discussions , in order to promote the common good , talk has nevertheless centred on a single individual . "
23 It often happens that one who at first was listening gladly becomes exhausted and now opens his mouth no longer to give assent but to yawn , and even involuntarily gives signs that he wants to depart .
24 Talking of restrictions , it often happens that your client wants to develop a property that is subject to old restrictive covenants in a manner that would be a breach of covenant .
25 For example , it often happens that the ability to compete/canvass arises from a breach of duty committed during employment .
26 It often happens that when an employee enters new employment he legitimately brings with him trade connections of use to his new employer .
27 it often happens that someone is sent here who is unsuitable .
28 It often happens that some syllables follow the tonic syllable .
29 According to this school of thought there is neither the domination of an officer nor a member elite but rather the domination of an officer-member elite ( see Saunders , 1980 ) but this joint-elite model can be criticized because it often assumes that , important as leading officers and councillors are , they have a monopoly of decision-making influence .
30 Ipswich have used the new rolling substitutes rule to their advantage this season but it often means that the first choice players are only off the pitch for five or ten minutes at a time .
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