Example sentences of "it is [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 It is related that Annia Galeria Faustina , the wife of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius ( 121–180 ) , was so desperate to become pregnant that she drank the warm blood of a dead gladiator .
2 However , if you receive a groin kick and it is discovered that you are not wearing a guard , then you will automatically be disqualified , regardless of whose fault the low kick was !
3 When it is discovered that the combination of certain proportions of charcoal , sulphur and saltpetre produces disagreeable results , then there is no reason why the benefits of gunpowder should be restricted to China .
4 But when it is discovered that a substance harms women 's reproductive health , women of childbearing age are usually kept from jobs that might expose them to it .
5 If it turns out that this is not the case , if it is discovered that the prohibition denies the would-be rapists more of a chance to pursue the good life than it gives their possible victims , then one may have to adjust other features of the political framework to make sure that this does not result in inequality of ability to pursue one 's conception of the good .
6 However , where it is discovered that the tax law does not have the effect that the Government and taxpayers generally thought it had , there are circumstances in which it is right to introduce legislation to restore the position retrospectively to what it was thought to be .
7 Years later it is discovered that Grom reached the Elven Kingdoms of Ulthuan , causing great destruction until finally defeated by the High Elves .
8 When the sentence has been passed , possibly ( as the sentencer indicated in this case ) with the benefit of some mitigation , it is discovered that the means to pay either did not exist or have in one way or another disappeared .
9 This goal is about to be reached when it is discovered that a great deal more investment is required .
10 Stepan Trofimovich Verkhovensky is the most suggestive of all Dostoevsky 's accidental men , and it is fitting that the phrase itself should never be used of or by him .
11 He studied engineering in both France and Germany , patenting the first compression ignition engine in 1892 , so it is fitting that while Germany probably had the early lead , particularly with trucks , French makers have had a love affair with diesel cars since the 1930s .
12 It is fitting that the river should , according to legend , be associated with Tamara , a beautiful nymph who in ancient times lived in a cave deep below the earth .
13 In view of their close relationship , it is fitting that Hofmann should have the last words on Edward Chambers Nicholson .
14 With such magnificent surroundings , it is fitting that Kenwood is the home of one of the most important private collections of paintings to be given to the nation this century , including world-famous works by Rembrandt , Vermeer , Turner , Reynolds and Gainsborough .
15 It is fitting that words should be spoken . ’
16 ‘ Aurigny ’ is the old French name for the island of Alderney , and it is fitting that this should have been chosen as the airline 's title , since in many ways that rocky islet is the heart of the organisation .
17 ‘ Lord , ’ he said , ‘ it is fitting that the ambassador should be your man , and not mine . ’
18 In a university which aims to teach every official European language , it is fitting that the Centre for Speech Technology Research ( CSTR ) , Europe 's largest research institute dealing with speech-based human/computer interface , is a partner in the ESPRIT 2 ( POLYGLOT ) project to build multilingual speech input/output systems for seven of the major European languages .
19 Nevertheless it is fitting that we should add our tribute to the many that have been made throughout the country .
20 It is fitting that a hero so maladroit should be a Malaprop as well .
21 It is fitting that these important landscape features should be given priority and where possible repaired or rebuilt , ’ said a spokesman .
22 I do not believe it is disputed that this factor has been powerfully in operation recently .
23 Secondly , a wage-change variable is included in addition to a price variable since it is hypothesised that workers may seek to unionise not only to defend existing standards of living but also to attempt to improve upon them .
24 It is hypothesised that most existing studies of adoption are not sufficiently long term to , demonstrate these effects .
25 It is hypothesised that many children do not assimilate the link between the pre-requisite experiences and the generalisation which follows , as for example in the finding of the area of a rectangle by counting squares and the presentation of a formula which generalises the results .
26 It is hypothesised that words processed at deeper levels will be better recognised than those processed to only a shallow level and that reaction times will be longer at deeper levels of processing .
27 It is knowing that you are capable enough which is the difficult thing .
28 Later , in a treatise written in the eighteenth century , Mémoire sur la manière de cultiver la vigne et de faire le vin en Champagne ( written , it is believed , by Jean Godinot c. 1718 ) , it is stated that the Champenois had begun to study how to produce a ‘ grey … almost white wine ’ some fifty years before , that is to say approximately 1668 .
29 But in these papers it is stated that Tyndale headed his written defence , ‘ Faith alone justifies before God ’ , and that among the questions debated were worship of saints , the Sacraments and the authority of the Pope .
30 For example in the February issue of The Art Newspaper ( No.25 pp.1 and 2 ) , in the article entitled ‘ Yugoslavia covered-up over the Sevso treasure ’ , it is stated that ‘ Mr Rikanovic almost certainly knew nothing about Swiss law , by which anyone holding an item publicly for three years without judgment against him acquires title …
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