Example sentences of "i [modal v] [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 Making love to me may help you to forget for a while , but it wo n't change the feelings you obviously still have for her , whether you care to admit it or not . ’
2 In fact you said er again if if I may offer you one of your quotes erm , If you have back benchers who wo n't support you , that limits governments abilities to take decisions .
3 In our various parties , organizations and institutions therefore we urgently need to recognize that most of our programmes , not least the programmes of our conferences and synods if I may leave you together in sin brothers and sisters
4 For what 's is worth , as a motorist , I may tell you I 'm thirty years standing , and I explained to the people when I phoned your office up , I 've had thirty years standing as a driver , I check my oil , I check my water , I lost no compression , no water .
5 I may treat you as a grown-up person , may I not ?
6 I should add that there are also a great many flowers that seem to have rather negative meanings , such as the lovely little lawn daisy , which apparently means ‘ delay ’ , or ‘ return after a few days when I may give you an answer ’ — not necessarily the most suitable text to put on a bookmark .
7 The thing is , Bob , if I may give you some advice based on long and hard experience , not to start off by renting somewhere , if you can possibly avoid it . ’
8 if I may give you a word of advice , you may think it 's rude , but when Mr is asking questions try not to turn down towards him , if you try and face across the jury , that 's what carries the voice if you 're looking at them , if you turn to your left , a bit of your head goes down a bit , it 's only natural , you 're not as used to courts as Mr is , er , he , he , your , it , your voice smothers , it 's not a question of shouting it 's just looking in the right direction , yes Mr go on
9 His head was full of sentences he was going to write to Hilary when he had the time to put pen to paper : I may remind you that I never asked you for a penny towards the summer gas bill … do you think I am made of stone ? … surely I deserve better consideration … who listened for hours when you had that disagreement at Bromley over Fortescue upstaging you in She Stoops to Conquer … have you forgotten that it was I , when your mother had her second stroke , who travelled with her in the ambulance and went back on the bus to collect her plaster replica of the Sacred Heart ?
10 ‘ Perhaps I may remind you , Karl , ’ said Busacher waspishly , ‘ that the choice of this revival was yours .
11 If I may refer you back to your note of our meeting on 18 January you recommended a more hardline wording for 15.1 and 15.2 on the main course , which ( given the less-direct competitive nature of the components ) we were willing to go more gently with on the video and Activity Book .
12 the authority if I may refer you to it is the recent report of the British er Columbia Supreme Court erm courtesy of professional negligence er in the updating section it 's a a .
13 After we 've discussed the appointments , I may need you to do a — few letters . ’
14 I may need you . ’
15 Who knows when I may need you ?
16 I may need you to show me where things are , ’ she turned to Jill , ‘ but the rest I can manage , even if I have to bluff my way through . ’
17 On the contrary , I am wondering how I may reward you
18 Just before we go we are going to hear a recording of a song that 's been referred to which I think is called the greatest love of all which I 'm told we 'll all know by heart er this time next year hmm erm anyway on that note if I may thank you very , very much indeed and I leave you with best wishes for a highly , highly successful birthday year .
19 If I may ask you about the window ?
20 Nothing in between you do n't have to revise , even if you know next week I may I do n't know , I may ask you to get on with unit seven .
21 I may see you on the same plane . ’
22 I may see you in the shop one of these days . ’
23 I am enclosing tickets for the new play and as they are in the front stalls , I may see you as I come on , ; but do not expect me to salute you , you understand , as I shall be taken up with my part .
24 I may call you by your pen name , yes ? ’ he added .
25 ‘ Perhaps I may call you there ? ’
26 ‘ Mary — if I may call you that — yes , I have indeed some strange intelligence .
27 A slight lift of one winged brow the only sign that he was amused by her deliberate omission , he went on , ‘ Well , then , Luce — I may call you Luce ? — what would you like to know ? ’
28 Must now conclude trusting my dear that every blessing will attend you and trusting I may find you well when I return — kiss dear Fritz [ ? ] for me and believe me to remain Eliza
29 ‘ I will buy it , so that I may have you to myself . ’
30 I may unnerve you by saying that many of us err in this .
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