Example sentences of "i [verb] at last " in BNC.

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1 I asked at last .
2 ‘ I prefer it on this side of the sea , ’ I say at last , and I mean it , though I ca n't quite remember which sea I 'm talking about .
3 ‘ Yeah , ’ I muttered at last .
4 ’ All right , ’ I muttered at last , and turned towards the disposal to jettison the bug .
5 The climb continued by Knarlton hoot to Hudson Quarry , where wild sage was growing thickly amongst the limestone and grass , until I came at last to the rougher pasture below Hazely .
6 Moving with no clear sense of direction , I arrived at last at a wooden hut , set in a clearing in the forest which covered that part of the mountain .
7 " Please do stop , " I begged at last .
8 I know at last erm , budget meeting we talked about doing so for the entire health survey , because really the amount of money spent on sickness is quite astronomical , and one does need to look at this when you 're having to meet your budget .
9 Yet I felt at last I had straightened out the time that had buckled when I lost all my writing .
10 PAUSE I thought I knew at last who you were , why you liked me at school , why you took the trouble to read those poems I 'd written .
11 ‘ I 'm getting fed up with people telling me that , because I think at last I do know what I 'm doing .
12 I think at last we have a sense of us all being in it together — not easy though .
13 Three at the Eucharist I preached at last month .
14 I said at last .
15 " This coffee 's disgusting , I 'm sorry , " I said at last , to break the silence .
16 " Maleesh , " I said at last .
17 ‘ He asked me to marry him , ’ I said at last , ‘ so I said I would . ’
18 ’ It 'd kill us , ’ I said at last , faintly .
19 ’ There it is , ’ I said at last .
20 I said at last .
21 I come at last to the case against conventionalism .
22 ‘ I feel I 've at last found what I really want to do in life , Jannie , ’ he said .
23 Oh , and before I leave the matter of ffeatherstonehaugh 's and pass on to more general issues , I 've at last cracked the surname problem .
24 I breathe at last
25 This is because I have at last discovered the key to my existence , the meaning of my life .
26 After days of begging from supporters I have at last compiled a comprehensive A-Z of football , Athletico style .
27 Yes , I have at last , and the I 'm sure that they lied in their teeth , they they assured me they had written to me after my second letter in March , er in fact , and they said they were going to send me a photocopy of that , in fact er she wrote me a letter in June , so I do n't believe the other one existed ,
28 And then the reply : ‘ Dear Peter , I have at last received your letter of March 10th 1965 .
29 After years of searching farmland and finding silver coins from Elizabeth I to George III , I have at last found by first Roman coin .
30 Five months later I have at last gained my confidence on Southall ; most of it is the trust and respect we have for each other .
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