Example sentences of "i [verb] [pers pn] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Someone in the audience has asked me to greet them the way the chimpanzees greet each other in the wild at Gombe , ’ Jane Goodall began .
2 ‘ If you would like me to forgive you the other half of your great debt , then fire the kiln tomorrow morning , well before dawn .
3 He instructed me to meet him the next day at the Turkman Gate , soon after dawn .
4 Because I asked in the other classes , three or four American students , and I asked them the same question .
5 I asked him the differences between the Quechua and the Spanish view of the world .
6 The right hon. and learned Gentleman nodded when I asked him the same question earlier , but he has not said how he will ensure fairness between schools and therefore , no discrimination against students with special needs .
7 This what I asked you the other week .
8 Er , now , I asked you the table set have n't I ?
9 If those , all of those contract temps are regarded as full time people it looks like full time people are working overtime , which is why I asked you the question yesterday erm what 's the overtime bill for quotes alone .
10 In that last summer before he died I read him the whole of Proust …
11 God knows why — I made him the same way I made the rest of you — but there it is .
12 After drawing a blank on Rhodes , I had to write something that justified my travelling expenses , so I made you the villain of the piece .
13 Well I mean it 's gone much beyond that I mean they the reality of the situation is er is not like that I 'm afraid I mean it Eighteen men have been sacked and and these are men that have put those quarries where they are .
14 Er so I mean that c because er I mean they the steel balls and steel rollers go into the bin I mean they ca n't be used for anything .
15 Yeah , I mean I The important thing is I think the children do recognize the differences , not that they do n't notice the differences , because they 're Like you say they 're capable of using the other if it if it suits them .
16 ‘ I 've known Francisco for years — I met him the first year I came here , when Monte Samana was brand new . ’
17 I sold him the car did n't I ?
18 ‘ And I sold them the best .
19 So I mean in the shop I , I did sell for the National Trust once but I s I sold them the .
20 I passed her the tissues as I always do .
21 After a few minutes , he got out and wandered over : ‘ Here , son , give me a shot at that , ’ he said , and I passed him the rod .
22 DAYFLOWER a strong finishing fifth in the Newmarket 1000 gns , may find conditions more to her liking at the Curragh tomorrow and I make her the selection for the Irish ‘ 1000 ’ .
23 I make it the
24 I make it the same size okay ?
25 Yes , I make it the other
26 I got him the Sydney job , ’ she vouchsafed with delicate emphasis .
27 at Christmas , I got him the beef
28 And I got you the roses . ’
29 When I found her the other side of my desk I told her in no uncertain terms I was n't having anything to do with it .
30 I found it the greatest fun .
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