Example sentences of "i [verb] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 There 's something about them that makes me want to see them glazed with passion — ’
2 Something made me want to touch you .
3 It makes me want to kiss them . ’
4 Ian is OK — friendly and cheerful — but there 's something about Robert that makes me want to fight him all the time . ’
5 Fuel air and coal 's the other let me think let me think er er and what else was there I forgotten .
6 ‘ I 'm sick to death of looking over my shoulder every time I come here , wondering and dreading if someone who knows me has seen me and can guess what I 'm coming here for ! ’
7 I 've spoken to Ockleton , just as Heather did , and what he told me has led me here , just as it led her . ’
8 Me eat , me want to eat them
9 Mummy me want to eat them in the high chair
10 Mummy me want to eat them in that high chair , you staying out here ?
11 Mama made me promise to feed you before she agreed to go to bed .
12 She made me promise to destroy them , ‘ if anything ever happens to me ’ , she said .
13 Before he went out , he made me promise to give you this . ’
14 Then she made me promise to get them back to her in one piece within a week and sold me two tickets to a Ward Bond Retrospective at her film club in Ponder 's End .
15 Other times she made me promise to keep them for ever , to remember her by , and say a prayer She was a bit vague who it was I was to pray to .
16 They have asked me to write to congratulate you on this well deserved honour , and I am very pleased to do so .
17 ‘ It 's useless for me to try to answer you . ’
18 Luckily they seemed to want , even need , to talk , so it was n't necessary for me to try to head him onto other subjects as I had felt might possibly have been the case .
19 It was stupid of me to try to marry you like that without explaining .
20 I told her that you had sent me to try to trap her into making unwary and unguarded statements and unwittingly to betray herself .
21 At this moment two people grabbed me to try to make me get up but I could not get up , so they kicked me and stamped all over me from head to toe .
22 They ( Barber ) asked me to come to see them if I was ever in Cornwall .
23 ‘ After I became involved we came up with denim products , which had great success for ladies ’ fashions .
24 ‘ Then you would n't say no if I asked to take you in my arms under the pretext of inviting you to dance . ’
25 I asked to see him , but they said no . ’
26 ‘ And the reason why I asked to see you rather than your superintendent was that you looked capable of rising above it . ’
27 I asked to give him a lead .
28 The youth hostel was closed , the only shop was disguised as a garage and had no window , a local quaker family had helped to close the only pub in the village in the 1950s , and a farmer I asked said he had none .
29 And , and , I asked did you have a perm done and she said no .
30 I asked to meet her .
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