Example sentences of "it be for [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 What kind of a world would it be for them ?
2 So you 've got ta go away , think like burglars , and think how easy is it , would it be for me to break into my own home ?
3 How difficult will it be for her to recover ?
4 How hard would it be for you to live entirely without each of the following basic ingredients in their various forms for just three weeks ? ( choose one answer . )
5 The more formal the meeting , with motions , amendments and voting , the easier will it be for you to record the discussion and conclusions .
6 Could it be for you ?
7 It 's for him that I am accepting this honour .
8 It 's for him to come down here and settle his debts , like everybody else in the valley .
9 Well , I says to him , I 'm getting sick of these calls cos you do n't know if it 's for him or him .
10 Well I er do n't agree that there has been er understaffing and in the statement which I made to the House today I was able to point out what a very big increase in er the total complement of the prison officers has taken place during recent years , but it 's up to Lord Justice Woolf to look in to whatever evidence is put before him , it 's for him to look at the terms of reference and he will no doubt decide what is relevant and what is not .
11 ‘ He 's just jealous because each time the telephone rings it 's for me and not for him .
12 Does that mean it 's for me or Joe 's dad ? ’
13 It 's for me , Thérèse exclaimed : it 's from the nuns in Soeur Dosithée 's old convent .
14 Then I inhale long and slowly , because it 's for me to make the move .
15 It 's for me , ’ she said aloud .
16 And so it 's for you it 's for me , for the person sitting beside you and behind , it is for every one of us !
17 I do n't thing it 's for me .
18 I do n't think it 's for me .
19 But it 's for me too — I got such a buzz out of seeing the kids ’ faces at that show .
20 ‘ Well , now that I am here and can have the tale formally , direct from the prior , it 's for me to join him in sending word to the bishop .
21 Dad it 's for me .
22 It 's for me who put it on .
23 Oh Christ , it 's for me !
24 What he said was , ‘ It 's not for me to say , Aggie , it 's for her .
25 It 's for her .
26 It 's for them to sort out .
27 ‘ It 's in their interests to address the issue and it 's for them to decide whether change is cost effective , but it 's in our interests too . ’
28 But like I said if it if you , if you do that then it 's for them and for yourself but them being up your arse is irritating if you just fucking carry on as if nothing had happened , but you 're aware of the th them doing that then I think it 's a fucking I 've that 's a psychological edge over them anyway it 's just the personalities obviously , but er
29 It 's for you , ’ she said to her husband .
30 It 's for you , ’ I say .
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