Example sentences of "it be [noun] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 On either side of it are wells which are never dry ; one is now the Museum 's wishing well .
2 In it are paintings which refer to some of the literary works which the group has mined for material in the past Kafka 's America and Hawthorne 's The Scarlet Letter as well as new ones such as Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland .
3 Contrasted with it are explanations which explicitly subordinate individuals to social factors of one sort or another .
4 ‘ Oh , yes , let it be Phena who has to shut up !
5 He says that if it were rats which were passing on TB to cattle there would be no hesitation : the rats would be killed .
6 thought it were road he put all four in , and he went down , up
7 I think it were Jes what were telling you .
8 Oliver said that could have been easily accomplished by telling Shildon where they really were and if it were Shildon she had heard going through a desk in the typists ' room he must already have found out .
9 If it were Oliver he would have called out to her , come to meet her as soon as he heard the key in the lock .
10 The primitive sound of it stirred something deep inside me as though it were Pan himself , not some Indian labourer , playing those haunting notes on that rude instrument .
11 I hate these as it were things you know ?
12 ‘ If it were summer I 'd do it even wi' the children .
13 Oh well it were painter who died .
14 Whether it were coat she had on or not
15 And with it being Tuesday it means that we 've our missing persons feature , where are you now , round about three thirty today , so if you 've lost touch with a friend , relative or neighbour we could find them for you if they 're still in the East Midlands .
16 With it being Tuesday our all important feature our missing persons feature Where Are You Now around about half past three .
17 and people used to go and see it and go and enjoy them and if you want to erm , if you went into Wales and on that way there was , who was it , it 's Albert you know
18 Oh , I always wonder about that , I never know whether it 's correct I mean it certainly sounds better as you said , she did n't take her hand away , but I always find that when I 'm writing something down , I 'm torn , if it 's dialogue I want to say they did n't , could n't and all things come in .
19 Also if you 're in rented accommodation you 're claiming housing benefit , you 'll probably have n't got to pay any rent , specially if it 's Council there 's relief , relief from paying
20 The same family has closed it 's delicatessen which has now become an art shop and the butcher whose family has been here for 176 years , closes this weekend .
21 It 's Stone he wants , really .
22 You know , water is wet and , even when you change it into , and you freeze it , you know , you hold the ice it still is wet when you heat it up and it 's steam it 's still wet !
23 Once you 've put the lid on you get smoke coming out all around the edges , well , actually , it 's steam you know .
24 To test it 's authenticity I chose a dozen snails in garlic butter to start a dish that I 'd only ever eaten in Paris before .
25 It 's Mom we 're talking about — not a stranger in a sensational newspaper item — and there are too many unanswered questions about her death — or her disappearance .
26 ‘ Well , you 're better-looking , Connie , but it 's Archie I 'd like to have a word with , ’ said Joe .
27 You had to lie on a board , his doctor said , oh it 's lumbago which , all the signs are the same , where that pain goes all down your leg effecting the or mia , sciatica and have to lie on a board , and we were in the prefab then and you actually er not , like some people put the board are you interested ?
28 Empty phrases to give you the illusion that it 's Adam who 's holding you , and not me ?
29 ‘ OK , so it 's honesty you want .
30 And it 's Tommy who 's scored , the young Irishman has done so well at the heart of the defence for Shrewsbury , has got into the opposition penalty area and what about this for a score line ?
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