Example sentences of "it [is] for [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It 's for calling a servant , but Julia and I never used it because we did n't have any servants .
2 You 'll never guess it 's for collecting gases so we call it a
3 It 's the title on the , it 's for establishing Europe 's first wildlife teaching hospital which is what we 're building at Haddenham pretty shortly .
4 It 's for unfreezing car locks , ’ said Robyn , hastily stowing it away in the glove compartment .
5 It 's for recognising words rather than features or objects , visual .
6 destroyed all mine and put it all in the , I mean lipsticks ten quid a time or whatever , seven quid a time , so I went through and Mary had a she got this moisture , oh I thought what does this mean , she said it 's for removing lines , I thought right we 'll have a sample this
7 It 's , it 's for setting goals and working them out and so on .
8 I think it 's for taking stuff to the factory and that .
9 th th there 's , basically there 's an ord it has an ordinary editor which is sub right , it 's an ASCII editor that appears in a window and it 's for using , for editing the ASCII files .
10 It 's for throwing at them as you retreat into the living room .
11 Something else , therefore , it 's for selling , especially public assets , and they get two pluses in that .
12 Things like that it 's for letting that 's what words are for well numbers are for telling other people how much you how much do you Would you like a cup of coffee ?
13 Oh yes yes it 's it 's for noting yes .
14 to Majorca for a week but it wo n't be to laze around it 's for it 's for walking .
15 Music is n't for keeping and treasuring , it 's for cutting up and feeding into a computer .
16 It 's for making products which are now or are potentially viable commercially .
17 Oh , so it 's so it 's for photographing the star and
18 It 's for hitting cricket balls with .
19 It 's a glove , but it 's for covering the hand .
20 It 's for putting the cream on is n't it ?
21 It 's for putting the cream on the cake is n't it ?
22 ‘ Music 's not about being political , ’ reckons Scott , ‘ it 's for gettin' off on .
23 ‘ Music 's not about being political , ’ reckons Scott , ‘ it 's for gettin' off on .
24 But that would be a strictly literary question ; and it 's for raising quite other questions that this book is momentous and irreplaceable .
25 Aye it 's for carding wool .
26 but it 's for playing golf in .
27 It is For Catching Wild Colts and Vicious Horses on Aney Feild or Common ( For a long distance )
28 Freedom of choice is no longer on the agenda , especially now that American Jews have discovered that it is easier to raise money for absorbing Soviet Jews in Israel than it is for resettling them in the US .
29 Designer shops rub shoulders with gourmet restaurants and the promenade is as much for dressing up and meeting people as it is for enjoying the glorious views .
30 A comfortable position for writing when work needs to be undertaken at close range is in some respects more difficult to achieve than it is for reading .
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