Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] [det] " in BNC.

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1 Somebody would 've been drunk that night you see , half past nine at night , thought it was a good trick .
2 Mairead has been elected this year to the Executive Committee as Tralee Area Secretary .
3 Once this has been completed each invoice or other costing document will need to be coded before being processed by the computer operator .
4 Of 720,000 sq ftof office space that has been completed this year , 350,000 sq ft has been let .
5 Their evidence for this judgement , as with those presented in most of their surveys , was loosely stated and difficult to verify , but the argument has been echoed many times in recent years in Britain by academics and policy-makers alike .
6 For example , in the case of the latter it has been stated that
7 A lot of erm group one plans are , there are about ten thousand plans that are showing an arrears status at the moment , and premium has been missed some time ago , it 's not a , not a current premium , which means on the fifteenth of June or the first of July we will automatically go in and pick up two premiums , we 'll t we 'll try and collect the arrears without having notified the client of it in any way at all .
8 Britain has been denied this freedom because it has never had a truly commercial broadcasting environment .
9 The valley is the habitat of at least 21 species of the insect , which has been highlighted this month by a travelling exhibition .
10 The valley is the habitat of at least 21 species of the insect , which has been highlighted this month by a travelling exhibition .
11 The small voluntary TRANSAID team has been strengthened this year by the addition of Eric Schumacher , formerly a senior manager with I.C.I. Eric brings with him extensive general management and transport experience , which is already proving to be valuable .
12 She has been appointed this season after the Wordsworth Trust staged a six-day exhibition in Osaka last year .
13 But a heroic act of rescue , splendidly documented , has been done all the same .
14 Again , it is not my intention here to review the variations and criticisms in detail this has been done many times elsewhere .
15 But erm yeah , it 's , it 's er good for what it is , but I think this has been done many times before and er I sh would think that everybody 's seen some just slightly better than this , but it 's quite a nice er sunset .
16 Yeah but i it has been done that , but
17 After this has been done several times , the actual frequency of reorganization can be compared with that expected , and the future reorganization schedule will be based on the results .
18 It has been observed that sodium restriction tends to be more beneficial in hypertensives who have low plasma renin activity and in whom the aldosterone response to lowering dietary sodium is poor ( Vaughan et al , 1973 ) .
19 One recent line of research has involved the investigation of pottery distributions as a possible indicator of a town 's market area , partly because of its abundance and partly because it has been observed that pottery was not normally dispersed through permanent retail outlets .
20 It has been observed that reinfection of the grafted liver by HBV either alone or with HDV is common .
21 Infanticide by males which have just taken over a harem is probably common in nature in many species : it has been observed several times in the Hanuman langur ( Presbytis entellus , a species of primate ) and has been anecdotally recorded in many other mammals .
22 The UK Queen 's Awards for Industry system has been extended this year to include an environmental category , with twelve companies being judged worthy of recognition for a " significant advance " offering " major benefits in environmental terms compared to existing products , technology or processes " .
23 It has been calculated that matter is at present being continually created at the rate of about 50,000 sun masses per second .
24 The world 's highest peak has been scaled many times since Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first conquered it in 1953 .
25 This function has been called many times under many conditions , and with a variety of subjects .
26 Sun executives say the issue of Sun chief executive officer Scott McNealy giving up his other post as president of Sun Microsystems Computer Corp , Sun 's systems planet ( UX No 433 ) , has been raised many times and never acted on .
27 That , too , has been raised many times tonight .
28 My hon. Friend raises a point that has been raised many times before .
29 In an effort to reduce overproduction of food , the suggestion has been made that land in lowland Britain be taken out of agricultural production and forested .
30 In much of the writing on the dependent elderly , the assumption has been made that retirement has become more common at an earlier age because of a reduction in the demand for elderly workers .
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