Example sentences of "have for [det] time " in BNC.

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1 The University of Warwick has for some time provided the possibility of studying both English and foreign texts in a comparative way at undergraduate level .
2 The Revenue has for some time been concerned about what is done with the money .
3 It has for some time been considered a most urgent need to extricate mentally handicapped children from long-stay hospitals and stop their admission to them , and there has , as a result , been a sharp fall in the numbers of mentally handicapped children in hospitals .
4 By far the most popular location in recent years has been the Netherlands , for the very good reason that it has for some time offered by far the best deal .
5 Although the famous gallery owner is thinking of retiring and has for some time been searching for an institution to take on his private collection , the title of the event ‘ TransForm ’ is not a veiled reference to his forthcoming conversion from art dealer to museum collector .
6 Because of pressure from many different lobbies , government has for some time been considering in what way to respond to it .
7 The government has for some time known that this site would be available , yet from the announcement of the project to the Minister 's stated deadline for consultation is 8 months , including the summer months .
8 The existence of such a large ( see 12:37 ) alien group in his borderlands has for some time made Pharaoh uneasy .
9 The twentieth century has seen the growth of a considerable literature on management as an acquired skill and it has for some time been possible to obtain academic management qualifications .
10 Holloway prison 's C1 unit has for some time been the subject of public concern and outrage .
11 BML has for some time been concerned about the declining popularity of the NBS , which began in a blaze of publicity in 1955 .
12 But three years later on 27 July 1795 the new head of the Macclesfield company , Abraham Mills , wrote to the new agent Thomas Harrison of Kendal , advising him , alas , that " … the Coniston Mine has for some time been so unproductive that it has been determined to discontinue the working … "
13 1984 has for some time been identified as an important milestone in the twentieth century .
14 While the Scottish Wildlife Trust has for some time had a system for identifying second tier biological sites , primarily as a conservation mechanism , no such system has been created for geological or geomorphological sites , until now .
15 The hon. Gentleman has for some time been against the original fast rail link through Kent and south London , and we have learnt tonight that he is against the current project , apparently because he believes that all British Rail 's money should be spent on saving his neck by improving the lousy commuter service that his constituents have had to tolerate for 13 years of Tory misrule — to use a well-known phrase from a couple of decades back .
16 The Advisory Board for the Research Councils ( ABRC ) has for some time been worried that British spending on civil science , especially within the higher education sector , may not be adequate to enable the country to remain internationally competitive .
17 The toast to the Divisions has for some time been a ‘ musical geography tour ’ and this time people present were treated to an extra musical item being the toast to National Office , whereby gave an immaculate rendition of The Hippopotamus Song .
18 In fact , the light weight , the attractive looks , the easy-feeling neck and the light , low action make it one of the most pick-up-able guitars we 've had for some time .
19 It has taken an awful long time to come to fruition — and appears to have needed the departure of founder Ken Olsen to come to fruition , but Digital Equipment Corp is finally to start marketing Apple Computer Inc Macintoshes to major companies in the US , mirroring the arrangement the two companies have had for some time in Europe .
20 ‘ It 's something he 's had for some time , but I was always going to play him despite the trouble and the fact he 's one booking away from a ban . ’
21 Torrance almost had to pull out of the Lancome Trophy at St Nom La Bretesche when a foot disorder he has had for some time flared up during the final round .
22 She is in fact already a teacher of a few years ' experience , with one class in her own village of Strathkinness in Fife , and two more in nearby St. Andrews ; she has even more experience as a traveller , having for some time regularly made the journey to Edinburgh by bicycle and train to attend training Saturdays with Rita Quick and Monday recreational classes with Muriel Jessop , and during the last two years undertaken the long trip south to take part in Aston Clinton weekends .
23 As already mentioned , the Irish bishops had for some time found the separation of church and state both a workable and desirable solution .
24 ‘ I had for some time been interested in the work of the 17th century Dutch and Spanish still-life school of painting .
25 He had for some time , in the instinctive darkness of his mind in which so many heterogeneous problems were circulating , been wondering how , in what undramatic , as it were casual , not yet significant context he might utter them .
26 They came to the bank of the stream which had for some time been running unseen beside them .
27 Tanberg had for some time been interested in the way that hydrogen behaves in the presence of metals such as palladium .
28 He lost little or nothing by the concession and , as we have seen , the papal letters had for some time indicated the likelihood of such a solution being acceptable at Rome .
29 R. A. Butler , one of the Conservative Party 's chief spokesmen on foreign affairs , stated in the House of Commons on 27 February 1947 that he had for some time regarded Korea ‘ as perhaps the greatest danger spot for peace in the Far East ’ .
30 James had for some time been accepting an annual pension from Elizabeth in return for promises of assistance against foreign invaders — meaning , at this period , Spain — and on the tacit understanding that he would in no way connive at his mother 's return to Scotland .
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