Example sentences of "have [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Some of these puzzles , Jim , must 've fallen down behind the erm fermenting bin .
2 I 'm not saying that I would 've picked up on all those points because
3 so of course that would 've come out at a later stage , yeah , you know there 's a lot of business miles involved in flying to all these er places .
4 Although that information would 've come out with her salary would n't it ?
5 But I , I , I know that I missed out on the , the private education one because I should 've come back on that .
6 ‘ I see they 've caught up with him in Huddersfield , ’ Ma said , ‘ that prisoner . ’
7 ‘ I can only imagine someone has jumped out on her and dragged her away for some reason .
8 It is quite evident that in some areas farming has become a distinctly precarious occupation but , in exchanging the effects of the EC 's Common Agricultural Policy for the need to produce results in a rugby field , Hare may find that he has jumped out of the frying pan into the fire .
9 You can count on the fingers of one hand the times Mr Kinnock has jumped in among the public .
10 Theatre for Oxford has developed out of his theatre tours abroad , for which he has directed The Importance of Being Ernest , in which he also plays Dr Chasuble , The Glass Menagerie , The Promise , Shaw 's Village Wooing , Arthur Miller 's Elegy for a Lady and Pinter 's The Caretaker .
11 This belief in ‘ independence ’ is well entrenched in the West and it has developed out of a general mistrust of centralized political power and of power that had historically not tolerated the free expression of dissenting views .
12 Marketing has developed out of sales .
13 The project has developed out of previous research funded by the ESRC on decision making processes in transport operations .
14 Criticism of the empress has developed along at least three different lines .
15 Well quite a lot of the lakes and streams have lost their fish , of course that 's the , that 's the most important thing , between , particularly salmon and trout , and we have discovered that they are killed not so much by the acid , but by the aluminium which has leaked out of the soil by the acid water , the acid rain , and er that er the fish find this very hard to tolerate .
16 The pupils at the £3,465-a-term school , boys and girls aged 16 and over , are to be interviewed by police at their homes as the school has broken up for Easter .
17 Unsure of whether she does owe him an explanation , of how much of her perspective she can get across in a conversation , and unwilling to let go of the London Kate who has broken through to the surface , she is ashamed of her suspicions of his reasons for asking her back to his place and agrees .
18 An argument has broken out over the royalty rate paid to artists for each copy of both DCC and another new format , MiniDisc .
19 First tonight , a bitter row has broken out over plans for a Sinn Fein councillor to address a public meeting in Glasgow this week — despite calls for him to be banned following the weekend atrocity in Belfast .
20 A bitter row has broken out over plans for a Sinn Fein councillor to address a public meeting in Glasgow despite calls for him to be banned , following Saturday 's massacre in Belfast .
21 A ROW has broken out over plans to move a home for problem children to Chester 's biggest council estate .
22 A ROW has broken out over an exhibition of photography by lesbians .
23 But since then a major row has broken out over Russian supplies to Ukraine .
24 A POLITICAL row has broken out over Chancellor Norman Lamont 's rejection of demands that the Royal Family should pay income tax .
25 The scenario for the training exercise ; a fire has broken out under a container carrying spent nuclear fuel by rail from Oldbury power station to Sellafield for reprocessing .
26 With the plunge in cost , a major outbreak of phone wars has broken out across the country , with dealers offering spectacular cut-price deals .
27 War has broken out between taxi drivers and a bus company over a taxi rank .
28 Welcome back : A blood feud has broken out between producers of one of our oldest breeds of cattle .
29 A ROW has broken out between private and council residents over plans for a traffic calming scheme .
30 A ROW has broken out between two Darlington General Election candidates over the number of under-fives in nurseries .
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