Example sentences of "have [adv] been to " in BNC.

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1 Bob Stokes , who was coach of the side when they last won the trophy ( under the guise of Whitburn ) has since been to the final on six occasions ( with Whitburn and Team Scottish Farm ) and lost every time .
2 He barely speaks Italian and in fact has only been to the country of his ancestry once — on a school trip .
3 Q My 3-year-old mongrel has just been to the vet to have his teeth cleaned , as a checkup revealed that he had dental problems .
4 I understand that my right hon. Friend has just been to Oman , so perhaps he can give the House some information .
5 This RS1000 , he informs me , has already been to the Arctic about six times .
6 International Motaung has already been to Hillsborough and Bramall Lane and will have trials with West Ham and Millwall .
7 Besides , everyone who matters has already been to some sort of bash at the Natural History Museum ; this is new .
8 For contaminated groundwater , the standard process has generally been to pump-and-treat the water on-site , with subsequent recharging to the aquifer or disposal to a sewer .
9 Anyone who has ever been to a similar school will know exactly what I mean .
10 His job was to go out into the bush to take samples and he found it the most unspoilt area on Earth he has ever been to , areas the size of Wales in which no white man has ever set foot .
11 I do n't think any MP has ever been to the monetary system to ask for a couple of million pounds , actually .
12 ‘ My style has always been to be analytical , ’ says the man who gained a double first in maths at King 's College , Cambridge .
13 It has always been to the Society 's credit that preservation work undertaken on its Merlin engines has involved every nut , bolt and washer being removed , cleaned , treated and replaced so that when rebuilt the engine should stand every chance of lasting for many future generations .
14 It should not be assumed , however , that when religious beliefs have functioned as primitive science , it has always been to the detriment of further inquiry .
15 From start to finish quality control has always been to the fore at Guinness Dublin where the company has had its own laboratories for over a century .
16 Graham Turner 's future has also been to the fore recently but for different reasons .
17 Whilst my message this time has mainly been to our Service team , we all have a part to play in improving the quality of our business .
18 However , it has surely been to the mutual advantage of the people of Scotland and England that we have had that union for the past two and a half centuries .
19 This argument is untenable as some of the most dramatic changes in behaviour by American hospitals occurred at the time that the prospective payment system was introduced , when only 10% of hospitals were private , for profit institutions , and there is considerable evidence that , especially for rural hospitals in the United States , the threat has indeed been to survival .
20 He has actually been to the actual America — and come back .
21 In winter months he enjoys snow-skiing — he has recently been to Mirabel , France .
22 He is Joseph Zappala , a Florida property developer , who has never been to Spain and perhaps , more to the point , speaks no Spanish .
23 He has n't got a map and has never been to Bayswater before .
24 Interview with Indian girl of nine who was born here and has never been to India :
25 And he has never been to England before . ’
26 Compassionate and relentless as God ( in whom she does not believe ) , she sends her creatures forth and calls them home , having ( like Thomas Hardy ) a love for funerals , although she has never been to one .
27 ‘ In fact she has never been to my home .
28 Victim Sue Howat joked : ‘ And before you ask , No , Mr Mellor has never been to my flat . ’
29 Also Parker confesses that he has never been to one of Elvis ' recording sessions : ‘ That 's his job — mine 's getting him as much money as I can . ’
30 She has never been to the Caribbean in her life , but most of her friends are black British : to their companionship she owes her aptitude for talking Creole .
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