Example sentences of "have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 Since then , it has rather dropped out of sight , especially after the ECJ in Cases 144 and 145/87 , Berg and Busschers v Besselsen [ 1988 ] ECR 2559 had seemed to adopt the analysis that the transfer of the contract of employment was compulsory as to both employer and employee .
2 With the advent of the General Theory the whole of the 43′ residual could be explained to within observational uncertainties , and this was a major success for the General Theory , a success it has since built on .
3 In fairness to all three photographers , much of the interview material was old ( to include footage of Burrows ) and McCullin , and Shawcross pointed out , has since grown up .
4 His hair has since grown back .
5 He is very well in on a 7lb higher mark than when hacking up at Ascot in October , and has since bolted up in a conditions race at Newbury .
6 He has since gone on as librarian and as professor of art history to write standard books on eleventh-century illumination in Normandy , Flemish illumination in the 1480s , Italian illumination of the Renaissance , insular illumination from the sixth century , English illumination of the thirteenth century , and many other far-ranging studies and catalogues and exhibitions .
7 Lorcan Wyer who has since gone on to become one of the most stylish jockeys in England was associated with most of the Scott winners in those days .
8 After releasing a couple of singles on their own Hag label in 1989 , they signed for Musidisc the following year and released a debut album in ‘ A Weapon Called The Word ’ , which has since gone on to earn them a silver disc .
9 Typically , Gedge has since gone in for his usual strict self-criticism .
10 Early on , the Congress won the right to control Russia 's central bank , which has since kept on printing money with which to subsidize bankrupt enterprises , thereby undermining Yeltsin 's efforts to engineer economic reform .
11 This proved true above all at the time of which I write , or up to that time , because adolescence is as much a mental as a biological experience , and the arts meant much at that epoch , the last before the advent of Pop Culture , which has since taken over the adolescent mind rendering present that ‘ future ’ which Eliot dreaded .
12 This has enabled DCM to eradicate duplicated overheads — 38 staff were made redundant at the time , although DCM has since taken on another 15 .
13 A Japanese company has since taken out a 17-year patent on the chemical .
14 If the electorate then considers that the governing party has broken its promises , or that the opposition party has since worked out more acceptable policies , it will vote out the established governing party and give the opposition party a chance .
15 The rejoicing was shared particularly by WACC 's members and colleagues in Central America , although news has since come through that the Guatemalan government is responding to Ms Menchu 's Peace Prize with a renewed crackdown against the popular democratic movement .
16 The mitre template has since come back onto the market , but at prices like £18-£20 and considering the relatively small amount of work in which it is employed , some readers will no doubt feel that they could spend that money more profitably , so will want to make their own .
17 Unfortunately , they were soon moved to different duties , but before doing so they were able to train a third person , a Sergeant , who has since carried on the work .
18 Taylor has since brought in a consultancy company to examine his public relations techniques .
19 She has successfully set up a resource centre for materials from Christian Aid and the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund .
20 If the patient has successfully carried out the task that was agreed he should now be helped to plan what to do before the next session .
21 If a client has successfully carried out a difficult homework task the group can reinforce this success more powerfully than a therapist alone .
22 Ken Robinson , too , has successfully taken on the role of one-man interpreter , friend , challenger , articulator and spokesman not only for drama but for the arts in education generally ( 1980 and 1982 ) .
23 In the last ten years the BDA has successfully taken up many individual cases of discrimination .
24 ‘ The news of my call-up has slowly filtered through , but all my friends have been really good about it . ’
25 Phenomenological sociology , with its micro-level focus on human meaning construction , has mostly ruled out any specific interest in substantive areas of human action such as crime .
26 Violet has mostly dug up her patch and planted vegetables in it , but she has left a little strip of grass , about three foot long , which she mows with a lawn mower she bought at a jumble sale for two pounds .
27 Habsburg dynasty Dr Otto von Habsburg , son of the last King-Emperor of Hungary , has politely turned down an offer to stand in next month 's Hungarian presidential election as the candidate of the Smallholders party .
28 The Open Software Foundation has unofficially put out a Request For Technology for its next generation graphical user interface , UEC II , ( UX No 392 ) .
29 The Governor has effectively given up control of the Bermudian police to the local government , though he still retains the right to be consulted .
30 However , so long as we remain in the Community , Parliament has effectively handed over a number of functions that it has traditionally fulfilled .
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