Example sentences of "have [adv] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah see I 've only got like erm two quid on me and I need to get home tomorrow and and I wo n't have anywhere to stay cos Dan and Honey are n't going and I 'd rather stick with them and Emma and Nick and just go back to erm Nick 's house
2 Selection on generations of bacteria has presumably built into them an unconscious rule of thumb which works by purely biochemical means .
3 The tidal braking would therefore be greatest around perihelion , and it is this that has presumably led to the partial synchronization observed .
4 Having liquidated one in four employees during the past few years and having promised to treat its workforce to more of the same during 1993 , IBM should have surprised no one by investing some of the money it has presumably saved in an organisation formed by the people who produced the most recent Terminator film .
5 The organisation housed on the corner of Old Broad Street and Throgmorton Street has mercifully reverted to a name which accurately describes where it is and what it does .
6 Although the tyranny of ‘ promotion examinations ’ has mercifully decreased in the past decade , in many countries yearly and termly examinations and preparation for them account for a quite disproportionate amount of school time and teachers are virtually ignorant of how and why and when to test .
7 This also means that it has been introduced by humans to a lot of places it 's not native to — Indonesian islands , mainly — and it has widely hybridised with the introduced wild boar .
8 Since the problems at Strangeways , prison violence has rarely appeared in the headlines , but John Bartell , chairman of the Prison Officers Association says that does n't mean violence in our jails has decreased .
9 Confident in our own superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom , it has rarely occurred to us to question how other creatures perceive the world .
10 Mr Skokov has rarely spoken in public ( in his three years in parliament , he did not make a single speech ) , yet he has been one of Russia 's most influential politicians .
11 Bugs and men who study them have inspired great literature and pages and pages of nonsense But even the finest fiction has rarely improved on real life
12 Since the middle of the nineteenth century this has produced a persistent surplus of population in the countryside with a consequent depression of wage levels-Rural depopulation has rarely proceeded on a scale to compensate for the reduced demand for labour in rural areas and neither has the demand for labour in the countryside been adequately stimulated by the provision of sufficient alternative employment opportunities to agriculture .
13 Stuart Weir , who has courageously stood by Rushdie , was there , and so were such men and women of impeccable liberal credentials as James Cornford , Sara Maitland and Ben Whitaker .
14 But one thing I can tell you about Port Vale , the ground has vastly changed from last season , the terracing 's been improved , their seating , it 's pure luxury apart from the press box , because I still have to climb that suspect wooden ladder , and perched on top of the main stand is a shed where I 'm speaking to you from Jane .
15 The military-technical qualifications of GlavPU officers has vastly improved since the 1950s .
16 tenant of area of sea has right to sue for nuisance where pollution killed larvae even though at the time they were killed , tenant had not acquired a proprietary right of action .
17 The ECJ has rather wavered over the issue in relation to the Transfers Directive .
18 He has since given over his castle to the worship of Isis .
19 The number of mental hospital beds trebled to over 300,000 in 20 years and has since risen to 340,000 .
20 Originally launched as a diploma in 1957 , the MSc in Applied Linguistics has since grown into one of the most comprehensive Master 's programmes of its kind in the country taught by the department with the close collaboration of the Institute for Applied Language Studies ( IALS ) , which is part of the department with a specialist interest in practical language pedagogy .
21 In his day a College of Advanced Technology , it has since grown in size and been raised to the status of a university , but without putting on any airs and graces .
22 In 1985 , ESP also added testing of submersible motors to their list of services — a list that has since grown by the addition of testing protectors , PSIs and cable .
23 The recommendations are similar to comments from Roger Carr , former chairman of the Countryside Commission ( which has since merged with the Nature Conservancy Council to form SNH ) , and John Foster , ex-director of the commission .
24 The issue is a narrow one , namely whether on the true construction of section 9(4) of the Act of 1975 and in the light of the facts that ( a ) Dr. Hayes was a servant of the Crown at the time when he made his investigation into the Lockerbie disaster , ( b ) he has since retired from the service of the Crown , and ( c ) that the evidence sought relates to what he discovered when acting as such a servant , the court has any power to make the order sought .
25 It has since migrated to Europe , Latin America and the Caribbean , leaving a trail of slightly different strains in its wake .
26 The port has since migrated down the river Scheldt towards the sea ; galleries of contemporary art have moved in , nestling around new museums of photography and modern art .
27 At one stage ( 12–7kyr ago ) Lake Suguta covered an area of 2,000km 2 and reached depths of more than 300m , but it has since desiccated in response to an increasingly arid climate .
28 Sinead has since said of her time at Grianan : ‘ I have never , and probably never will again , experienced such panic and terror and agony over anything . ’
29 Blackfishing has since gone into decline , but whalers still pursue and kill other small cetaceans , such as killer whales and small spinner dolphins .
30 Tancare has since gone into liquidation .
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