Example sentences of "and i give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 There she was lying on the floor with Bonfire of the Vanities under her head and me giving her a gentle kneading — spelt with a ‘ k ’ dear — and we were getting quite absorbed when all of a sudden the door flew open and in he came .
2 Catherine and me gave you Coke and I gave you loads this morning .
3 you know , and I give everyone that
4 Look Charlotte ca n't do anything without being messy , look , the other , the other erm morning I went to school to pick Ben up , er and I put her in the car seat , she 's lovely and clean , and I give her a biscuit , by the time we got
5 So I went and I give her that
6 No she bought a second lo a second twenty lot of twenty and I give her the first lot back probably .
7 I was walking along with my girl and I see my old man and I was scared , you know , smoking , but at the same time I did n't want to throw it away because my girl was there , you know , and she 'd see it , and I just kept on walking and my old man stopped and said to me , ‘ Give me a light ’ , and I give him a light , and he said , ‘ I 'm away to the shops ’ , and I was , you know , thinking , I can get away with this .
8 And I give him the whole book what lists names and numbers and what not .
9 And I give him three mo cos I 'd give him three months guarantee with that , I thought yes and I was standing there on the phone and I thought you dare come back !
10 That was one twenty five and I give him .
11 Tha him , look how , look how he after mummy and I give him
12 My legs are warm and I give them a feel .
13 Well he , he said if they , if , if , some , get a visitor in and I give them a cup of coffee well that 's all right , but I do n't know if it 's money or , or like maybe , maybe .
14 So I goes come here , and I give them to John I goes I 'll take them John and I paid .
15 And er I so so I brought her and her three friends that she 'd run , chummed about with them and I give them a good talking to for about an hour .
16 And then , all I 've done is worked out some time management and say well if these guys turn up at half past eight every morning and I give them a break at ten o'clock , and they get a lunch break and then in afternoon , another break , and they finish at half past four , if everything goes to plan , by four o'clock Friday , my van should be backing up at the end of the production line to load itself up with a thousand widgets .
17 ‘ No , my lord , ’ ( such courtesy again , and such artful courtesy too , as we shall see ! ) ‘ hear me ; I give you the field , and I give you the cave that is in it ; in the presence of the sons of my people I give it to you ; bury your dead . ’
18 It 's over now , and I give you my word it wo n't happen again . ’
19 You give me a finger and I give you your freedom , and a new life in North America . ’
20 ‘ The Medjay captain asked me that too , and I give you the same answer : how would an escaped convict find his way into the compound ?
21 I do n't the membership will want a revolution but what we do require is that evolution considered carefully so we do n't stand still and keep our head in the sands and I give you insurance that is what is , is happening .
22 And I give you my word that I will not be seen in public again with her . ’
23 Mm and I give you some in the box as well so you that 's it , done .
24 You , you clean my black boots for me , polish my black boots for me and I give you a quid
25 you can write down these words , that would then be given you a clue things that you could be saying to your customers , where , right , if you start thinking about the job that you 're doing and I give you the word where , right you think of the number of times you can use the word where , with a customer , right
26 Yeah and I give you a lift up to here .
27 I get this sort of aching feeling in my nose , and I give it a rub .
28 ‘ How did people look after the sick and helpless ? ’ — ‘ Just as I do nowadays : I collect money from the people , and I give it to them .
29 The penis stirs close to me , and I give it a wet nose .
30 So I says erm , Do you have any washing machines er that you have and all this and I give it all to him .
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