Example sentences of "and [verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 The dark man had embraced her before he mounted , and whispered something no one else could hear .
2 This , and the free labour conflict conducted by the Shipping Federation , troubled him less , however , than the Federation 's malicious attempts to destroy his credibility and that of the union by maligning his character and labelling him a criminal .
3 An estimated 3,000 delegates from one faction claiming to represent the opposition Forum for the Restoration of Democracy ( FORD ) gathered in Nairobi on Sept. 4 and unanimously elected Jaramogi Oginga Odinga as FORD chairman and designated him the party 's presidential candidate .
4 The young nurse brought Michael a chair and he sat beside Joe , holding the old man 's hand and stroking it every now and again .
5 Would you care for it and tend it every day
6 He immediately took to his heels with is case of cigarettes and led me a merry dance away from the docks , through a council estate , finally finishing up on the perimeter track of Ipswich Airport where I was rescued in the nick of time by a squad car full of policemen just as I was about to be filled in by the burly seaman .
7 ‘ The truth in question is hidden , lying concealed beneath appearances ; we must then inquire , since its nature is not open to us , whether it is still possible to know it through some sign and whether we have a criterion by which we may recognize the sign and judge what the thing truly is . ’
8 It is hardly surprising given the enhanced status , power and influence which the nineteenth century had brought , that Nonconformists had come to identify the Christian religion with the values and secular goals of their times , the most important of which was an acceptance of the inevitability of progress through change .
9 ‘ The learned judge left the case to the jury , remarking upon the tender years of the girl , her situation under the care and authority of the prisoner and his wife , and the authority and influence which the prisoner had over her in the absence of his wife .
10 Meredith asked , and lent him a handkerchief .
11 Just four years after Charles 's death , Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims , who had been an important political figure throughout Charles 's reign ( though not consistently close to him ) , wrote a treatise , The Government of the Palace , for the young King Carloman , Charles 's grandson , and lent it an air of authority by claiming to incorporate the work of Abbot Adalard of Corbie , who had died nearly sixty years before .
12 In the meantime , I want you all to try and build me a decent-sized castle , right ? ’
13 He peered closer at me and asked what an Englishman was doing in Paris .
14 You 're an idiot if you submit an article or a piece of any kind to a magazine , to a newspaper , without actually having looked at it , and studied it , and asked yourselves the question , ‘ What sort of house style is it ?
15 Then they had their way and asked me the usual series of childish but charmingly eager questions about myself , about London , about England .
16 Ward stirred and asked me the time in a voice heavy with sleep .
17 A civilian came up to the mousy man and asked him a question .
18 Their leader grabbed the bridle of Corbett 's horse and asked him a question he could not understand .
19 She wrote to SSDs and asked them a series of questions about training for residential child care staff on HIV and sexuality .
20 We sat them down and gave them a drink and asked them the usual stuff .
21 Yes , but I would have thought that you know I M R O sh should of then I asked , I write and asked them the question , I r really would have expected a reply to come back , yes , we found this and so and so , but we then scraped a little bit further and erm .
22 He whistled after her and shouted a coarse word , whilst Beatrice looked down at him , unshaven and dishevelled , and asked who the big Sicilian was ( an insult , of course to an Italian ) .
23 For Thames , a joint operation with the BBC is seen as a commercial coup and guarantees its a future , at least in the short-term .
24 We also had to shear and dip them every year and friends would come to help .
25 Should you want to do some withy and teasel research for yourself , you might visit their willow and wetland centre in Stoke St Gregory where they grow 50 acres of willow and harvest it every winter , when the plants are dormant and the rods measure 8 feet .
26 Over coffee back at the office I tried to pull myself together and sell him a traded option in copper which would , as it turned out , have made him quite a lot of money .
27 He thought he 'd find a rich one and sell him the cross for a good price .
28 Should she do a U-turn and sell him the house ? she wondered .
29 This program is a must for anyone using a PC at home and will impress dinner guests who always say ‘ You simply must let me have a copy of the recipe , the meal was delicious ’ , you can now print it out in seconds and sell them a copy .
30 Kenneth adores him and commandeered him the moment he arrived , allowing me to join them on a walk after yet another edible meal ( any more of this clever cooking and you 'll ruin your reputation ) .
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