Example sentences of "be over the next " in BNC.

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1 The council would not say what the ‘ procedure ’ for dealing with stores will be over the next three Sundays until the matter is discussed by the Environment and Public Health Committee , but it has already authorised legal action against large stores which continue to open .
2 It may not look it now , but I think it will be over the next five years .
3 As the hon. Gentleman knows , we are not in a position to predict what oil prices or , through oil prices , petrol prices will be over the next few years .
4 Erm but one of the things that I am doing is over the next quarter with , various people begin to review the cleaning schedules of what they actually do , whether we clean them on a on a more frequent basis rather than just responding that particular area .
5 The sale by Sotheby 's over the next few months is expected to raise £5 million .
6 It 's when you 've been flying them for a few days consecutively that it ( pardon the pun ) dawns on them that they could escape and find out what 's over the next hill .
7 GUARDIAN Royal Exchange is to transfer 100 jobs from Edinburgh to Lytham St Anne 's over the next two years , the insurance giant announced yesterday .
8 It was over the next few years that he started to produce his finest work .
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