Example sentences of "be time [prep] his " in BNC.

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1 ‘ What are you drinking ? ’ he asked , going on to apologise that he would have to leave them shortly since it would be time for his surgery .
2 ‘ It 's time for his check up , ’ she said , going up to the Bookman 's cage .
3 For all his enjoyment of the work and the companionship of his team the lad was not sorry when the ground covered , about half an acre , showed that it was time for his midday snack .
4 Berowne 's only explanation had been that he felt it was time for his life to take a new direction .
5 There was once a king who decided that it was time for his son to marry .
6 Er that was at the time of er er King Edward the seventh , s It was time of his death was n't it ?
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