Example sentences of "be only [v-ing] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 I am sorry , I am only trying to answer the question .
2 I am only trying to mind my own business and I do n't know whether I can prevent the compulsory purchase order . ’
3 If his growing army of fans are only writing to say they like Merton 's own TV series , then they are either shy or lying .
4 That is the pledge of club chairman Charlie Clapham , who insists the Sandgrounders are only looking to add strength to the side that lifted the HFS League championship trophy last term .
5 A total of 24 hospitals and 245 businesses have no facilities for waste or water processing and sanitation services are only managing to collect around 40 per cent of the daily rubbish .
6 He says : ‘ It is apparent they are only managing to cover expenditure with increasing difficulty . ’
7 We are only beginning to realize the significance of stone .
8 The larger organisations are only beginning to wake up .
9 I have to re-affirm the confidence they are only beginning to find in themselves . ’
10 We are only beginning to come to terms with it .
11 We are only beginning to work out these implications and our chapters of research can only be a base for others to examine in greater detail how our theories work .
12 Since deregulation , buses are only trying to get from A to B as fast as possible in order to make as much profit as possible .
13 Can can I just say that I think it 's interesting that Mao 's sort of targeting the local tyrants and the erm the evil gentry I mean because you could , you could ar argue that basically the landlords are only trying to get a return erm which is , which is equal to what they can get if they invest all their money in or you know erm or whatever or big cities
14 Let us make sure that we do not direct our anger and frustration onto people who are only trying to help us .
15 ‘ I know you are only trying to help but the sooner we get this over with the better .
16 ‘ We are only trying to help you .
17 ‘ Look , ’ sniffed Mel , ‘ these guys are only trying to make a bob or two … and from what I gather they usually rake in a fair bit . ’
18 If you are only planning to follow the F-Plan for a week or two to polish off a modest weight problem of just a few pounds .
19 For more than half the road up you climb between more beech forests — the beech flourishes in these parts because it likes the moisture — and in spring or autumn you get that seasonal effect , whereby the trees that are only starting to turn brown at the foot of the pass are already losing many of their leaves at the top , or alternatively are still half-wintry at the top when already fully greened lower down .
20 Recently there have been determined efforts to reduce our food surpluses , but we are only starting to learn that river and land management require careful thought before instant expenditure of money .
21 In such an organization you feel hemmed in by people who can refuse you permission to do something or who are only waiting to jump all over you if you appear to be taking the initiative , or achieving something which even they may recognize as being highly desirable , in ‘ the wrong way ’ .
22 There is no side in the world which starts the game by saying ‘ we are not going to score tries today , we are only going to kick ’ .
23 If European governments can display the credible threat to back Airbus if necessary , Boeing shareholders are only going to lose by an unsuccessful price war .
24 If you are only going to take one form of supplement then desiccated liver should be your choice .
25 ‘ But if the players are only going to produce their best in the glamour games and not pick up on the importance of matches against the likes of Wimbledon and Sheffield United , then they wo n't be playing when the big games come round again — it 's as simple as that . ’
26 Since we live on the crust , it is important to us in more ways than one , but we are only going to consider it in its relationship to events in the mantle , since these explain how Plate Tectonics works .
27 Pills and potions are only going to remove the symptoms .
28 ‘ Our reservoirs are all topped up but we 're only beginning to see recovery in water tables , ’ says John West of Anglian Water .
29 I think we 're only beginning to know her .
30 One article alone — by Emily Gwathmey on the architecture of American cinemas — was worth the price of admission to the May/June issue ( although , of course , there is no price of admission unless you 're only flying to read the magazine ) .
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