Example sentences of "be only [verb] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 I am sorry , I am only trying to answer the question .
2 I am only trying to mind my own business and I do n't know whether I can prevent the compulsory purchase order . ’
3 If his growing army of fans are only writing to say they like Merton 's own TV series , then they are either shy or lying .
4 That is the pledge of club chairman Charlie Clapham , who insists the Sandgrounders are only looking to add strength to the side that lifted the HFS League championship trophy last term .
5 There are men who toil because work is a pleasure to them and there are others who toil because work is a duty ; but the great majority of men are only stimulated to labour that in amount or character is distasteful to them , by the hope that they may be able , in the first place , to maintain themselves , and secondly to marry and maintain a family …
6 These criteria are only intended to give a very general indication of the range of aspects of the work that would need to feature in any future evaluation .
7 If the posts are only intended to curve the back , this can be better achieved by planing a curve on to the struts before they are glued to the back .
8 All the methods in the booklet are only intended to supplement the chemical analysis of water and sediments .
9 When we phoned HP last week to confirm the destination , our dreams were shattered with the news that the specs are only intended to protect against the dazzling blues , reds and greens of a new colour printer it is launching — not a single sunbeam .
10 A total of 24 hospitals and 245 businesses have no facilities for waste or water processing and sanitation services are only managing to collect around 40 per cent of the daily rubbish .
11 He says : ‘ It is apparent they are only managing to cover expenditure with increasing difficulty . ’
12 We are only beginning to realize the significance of stone .
13 The larger organisations are only beginning to wake up .
14 I have to re-affirm the confidence they are only beginning to find in themselves . ’
15 We are only beginning to come to terms with it .
16 We are only beginning to work out these implications and our chapters of research can only be a base for others to examine in greater detail how our theories work .
17 Since deregulation , buses are only trying to get from A to B as fast as possible in order to make as much profit as possible .
18 Can can I just say that I think it 's interesting that Mao 's sort of targeting the local tyrants and the erm the evil gentry I mean because you could , you could ar argue that basically the landlords are only trying to get a return erm which is , which is equal to what they can get if they invest all their money in or you know erm or whatever or big cities
19 Let us make sure that we do not direct our anger and frustration onto people who are only trying to help us .
20 ‘ I know you are only trying to help but the sooner we get this over with the better .
21 ‘ We are only trying to help you .
22 ‘ Look , ’ sniffed Mel , ‘ these guys are only trying to make a bob or two … and from what I gather they usually rake in a fair bit . ’
23 The SROs regulate particular areas of investment business ( see Figure 12.3 ) and its members are only authorised to carry out that particular business , unless authorised by another SRO .
24 * If you work in open food areas you are only permitted to wear wedding rings without stones , sleeper earrings and identity bracelets/necklaces worn for medical purposes . ’
25 And the fact that having a baby and adjusting to motherhood are only permitted to cause a few days ' disruption must be a bad thing — when what mothers really need is adequate time to rest ( between feeds ) , plenty of boosts to their ego , lots of love and confidence building .
26 If you are only planning to follow the F-Plan for a week or two to polish off a modest weight problem of just a few pounds .
27 Morality was contravened only when pleasure was sought ‘ independently of the end which pleasures are only meant to subserve ’ .
28 A satirical tone pervades his ‘ Parliamentary Sketch ’ ( SB 25 ) , and in an autobiographical passage in DC 43 he writes : ‘ Night after night , I record predictions that never come to pass , professions that are never fulfilled , explanations that are only meant to mystify .
29 For more than half the road up you climb between more beech forests — the beech flourishes in these parts because it likes the moisture — and in spring or autumn you get that seasonal effect , whereby the trees that are only starting to turn brown at the foot of the pass are already losing many of their leaves at the top , or alternatively are still half-wintry at the top when already fully greened lower down .
30 Recently there have been determined efforts to reduce our food surpluses , but we are only starting to learn that river and land management require careful thought before instant expenditure of money .
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