Example sentences of "be [adv] [v-ing] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Here in Cheshire business men are nervously waiting to meet the business angels is whom hands the future of their company might rest .
2 Left handed people , as we all know , are all in league with Satan , have deformed brains , are prone to violent behaviour because they ca n't use scissors properly and are secretly planning to take over the world .
3 Left handed people , as we all know , are all in league with Satan , have deformed brains , are prone to violent behaviour because they ca n't use scissors properly and are secretly planning to take over the world .
4 This is a similar fallacy to that of those in my profession who are constantly aspiring to bring everybody up to the average .
5 Er , one of the paradoxes of the modern era as er , pointed out by Tom Peters , not by me , one of the few things I do not claim original thought on , erm , is , is that it 's not that we , people think that we do n't have enough information at our fingertips and are constantly striving to gather more and more , the opposite is actually true .
6 We are constantly striving to improve and to do this , we need to know what you think .
7 Hotels are constantly striving to improve the level of guest services .
8 Aircraft enthusiasts are constantly striving to achieve better photographic results , be it in the form of updating their camera equipment or their knowledge .
9 We are constantly trying to improve our standards so that we can continue to offer you the best possible service .
10 The patient may find these activities both boring and frustrating , especially if you are constantly trying to make him concentrate on them as educational tasks .
11 Marketing is by its nature an expansionist , aggressive activity and those concerned with it are constantly seeking to improve their performance by increasing the scale and selectivity of their approaches .
12 Comlon guarantees to its customers provision of fresh fruit and/or vegetables of consistently high quality and therefore the Managers in the Purchasing Department are constantly seeking to improve procedures to ensure that the necessary supply of a wide range of fruits and vegetables is available in each of their distribution depots — in Athens , Bonn , Frankfurt , Hong Kong , Kuala Lumpur , London , Madrid , Paris , Perth , Rome , Singapore and Sydney .
13 They are constantly seeking to impose changes from above on their language , rather than allowing it to live , breathe and evolve in a more natural way .
14 Any member of staff who sat down at his or her desk and wept with sorrow at the pain they are constantly having to encounter in their customers ' lives , anyone who wept with frustration at their helplessness in the face of the world suffering that they perceive would be considered mentally unstable .
15 ‘ We lose so many girls to the professional ranks it means we are constantly having to start again as regards team selection , ’ continued Mrs. Boatman .
16 ‘ Our women are constantly having to fight in shop queues , and have thus become aggressive and unfeminine .
17 New methods are constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses , developers , investors , construction companies , government organizations and other project sponsors .
18 Together with the HSE , we are constantly working to improve safety levels .
19 I have an alternative vision , where difference is not just tolerated but valued , and even celebrated , and where physical and social environments are constantly changing to accommodate and welcome these differences .
20 Here the argument is that correctionalists are helping to divert attention away from the ‘ real ’ problems , rather than that they are necessarily helping to crush revolutionary potential .
21 For those who have survived the recession intact there has been too much self-interest , need and greed , stab and grab , call it what you will , and companies I believe are suddenly beginning to realise that integrity , ethics and pragmatism may have a ‘ bottom line ’ value in the years to come that the accountant 's profit culture attitude may change a little .
22 It follows that , if the Japanese do incorporate imputed interest charges , they are obviously trying to assess whether the cash inflows are sufficient to meet all claims upon them , including the yields required by shareholders .
23 On the other hand there are people like Neil and Assif who are obviously trying to make names for themselves .
24 Wigan coach John Monie added : ‘ We are obviously going to miss Gene and Andy and we are not as strong as we were .
25 Word processors are obviously going to incorporate many of the features found in page makeup or document assembly programs ; text will simply be passed to a parameter file called , say , REPORT and the document will automatically be set out according to the house style .
26 But they are unable to process this and obviously that will be different for children at different stages of their development erm younger children being particularly susceptible to the sort of atmosphere around them , and if they are picking up from the adults around them , be that through the media or within the context of their everyday lives , that there is something dangerous and disturbing going on , then they are obviously going to reflect that unease in their behaviour .
27 I mean all of them are obviously going to need equipment explained to them
28 Women doing long sentences are obviously going to try and find someone to be close to .
29 Parents may feel upset whatever the age of their teenage daughter , but those with younger daughters are obviously going to react more negatively than those with older teenagers .
30 The nation where this debate is being launched has just emerged , in the spring of 1974 , from a confrontation between Government and unions so destabilizing that some people had been daily expecting to see tanks in Whitehall .
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