Example sentences of "be [noun sg] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I 've been search for it and here it is look at that , two in there , that 's the new one
2 Did n't used to really , ooh it must of been murder for him when you think !
3 It must have been murder for our mum . ’
4 Gardens are work for me , not leisure . ’
5 I wonder how he would have done in today 's game , do you think there would have been room for him today ?
6 I gather you 're a leading light in the arts — these are mine for my sins . ’
7 There 'll be money for you and the baby .
8 When each main idea has been sufficiently tested and sufficient knowledge has been gained , the chief executive goes public and announces the decision secure in the knowledge that there will be support for it , because the decision merely ‘ crystallizes ’ the views already put to him , whether he subtly induced them or not .
9 Now how how you work it on your scheme or whatever scheme comes up , it just seems to me that if you are going to have self-regulatory body , there 's got to be responsibility for it and how you impose that responsibility , could I 'm sure be in all sorts of different ways .
10 Downhill running will be torture for them , poor devils . ’
11 ‘ I 'm sorry about you and Garry ; it must be torture for you to lose him , but his wife and child must come first , ’ she said sympathetically .
12 John has always gone out of his way to try and persuade similar sufferers that there may be help for them in alternative therapies .
13 " It 'll be work for somebody , anyway .
14 When he grew up there would always be work for him on the estate .
15 you know , I mean , there must be compensation for something must n't there ?
16 That is , assuming there will be room for them once the full panoply of testing and assessment is in place .
17 Now there are a lot of supporters , er are they going to be er , is there going to be room for everybody ?
18 ‘ Well , judging from the size of the village , there may well be room for us if we 're to be content with small animals only , but I 'm afraid we 'll never get any farm work .
19 Would there be room for his Roller ?
20 ‘ But if they ca n't be shifted , there 'll never be room for you , no matter how much better than them you may be at the job . ’
21 There should just be room for your finger , and your toes should not feel cramped .
22 ‘ Do n't you realise , there could never be room for anyone but you .
23 ‘ What will you be doing for her ? ’
24 But is there anything I can be doing for you , my heart ?
25 Gandhi actually recognizes the problem of relativity and acknowledges that what may be truth for one may be untruth for another .
26 After the hearing Marcos stated her belief in " divine justice " and claimed that " there is no place in the Philippines that will be jail for me " .
27 I had never taught in a classroom before but , although daunting at first , it turned out to be education for me as well as the students .
28 It 's so sincere and done with such love that you know it must be agony for them and your one thought is , ‘ Oh God , how could I have hurt these people like that ? ’
29 Of course it must be agony for him to go shopping for me ( what does he do at the chemist 's ? ) , so I suppose he prefers to get it all over in one go .
30 He knew the cruelty she was going to witness over the next three months would be agony for her because , for some reason , she trusted animals far more than humans , but , like a nurse looking after animals in a vivisection clinic , he could n't prevent her pain , only alleviate it as much as possible .
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