Example sentences of "be [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 A hacksaw may be the only possible tool to cut existing pipe which is installed against a wall ; however , the disadvantages of a hacksaw are that it produces fine copper filings ( and care must be taken not to get these into the pipes ) and that it will tend to flatten the pipe slightly — particularly if this is held in a vice .
2 Advantages of fructosamine are that it does not depend on the haemoglobin level and it will probably be considerably cheaper .
3 If the introduction of skeleton arguments works well , and the indications are that it does , then the case against fuller written briefs becomes less easy to answer .
4 Signs are that it fell into disuse during the period after the Romans had left and legendary Celtic leaders , such as Arthur , were endeavouring to maintain civilised standards against waves of barbarian invaders .
5 The advantages of restricting the stories in length in this way are that it saves time , forces students to focus only on details which they regard as essential , and yields versions which are comparable in terms of length and economy to the Hemingway version .
6 All the signs are that it made virtually no impact at all .
7 The other advantages of a freezer are that it enables you to store food that can be brought out in an emergency when you have unexpected guests , or to store certain foods in bulk , such as bread , to save you from frequent trips to the shops .
8 The Regatta chairman talks about the way hospitality had taken over the regatta course and howm glad they are that it seems to be declining .
9 Disadvantages of the stuff are that it attracts fluff , hair and biscuit crumbs .
10 So , if the horse rears or puts its tongue over the bit , the chances are that it has been hurt in the mouth by a rider with bad hands .
11 But these days , with space at a premium , a room kept solely for dining is rare ; the chances are that it has to double as a work room , say for hobbies like model making , or as a quiet place where the family can get on with homework , studying or other paperwork .
12 Well the theoretical advantages are that it makes it er a , a lot more er predictable for businesses to trade with Europe .
13 Its two main features are that it lifts cooperative R&D ventures from the suspicion that they are illegal per se and puts them under the rule of reason , and it provides a registration system which protects firms from treble damages in the event that they are subsequently deemed to have violated the antitrust statutes .
14 The unique and dangerous features of the listeria bacterium are that it appears to be transmitted through meat or even vegetables grown in areas fertilised by the manure of infected animals .
15 In her foreword , Ruth Richardson , the Minister of Finance ( and not the most popular Kiwi politician ) , expresses it thus : ‘ The special advantages of accrual accounting are that it distinguishes between capital and current spending , and that it takes better account of the cost of current policies for future generations …
16 His major criticism of Murder in the Cathedral had been that it contained too much obvious " poetry " , and in the new play he wanted to create a more flexible and less ostensible verse line which could handle demotic or rarefied material equally well .
17 The prevailing view of such work group resistance has often been that it stems from workers ' misunderstanding of management 's intentions .
18 The consensus of modern liberal thinking has been that it does not ; it has preferred to stress the " inherently pluralistic and diverse " nature of modern societies , and the consequent need to reach a consensus or compromise among the various competing interests and groups within society .
19 The Irish Times quoted Craig as claiming that a reason for banning the march had been that it posed a threat to the United States military base in Derry :
20 But the most important flaw in the instruction has been that it has been too often divorced from the classroom itself and from the active involvement of the teacher .
21 According to Carl Chilley , principal business services consultant , the problem with distributed computing has been that it has encouraged the development of technology for technology 's sake , without real thought as to how to implement it effectively in a business environment .
22 This proved to be a fateful oversight since one of the most devastating criticisms to be levelled at Keynesian macroeconomics in recent years has been that it has such shaky foundations in microeconomics .
23 So successful has the state system been that it has lost only about 1 per cent of its operations to a private competitor under the system of tendering for the provision of local passenger services that was also introduced by the 1988 rail reforms .
24 For the Governor , though , the main benefit has been that it gives prison officers ‘ permission to be concerned ’ in a structured and consistent way .
25 One of the criticisms levelled at the board has been that it fails to consult properly or listen to objections to proposals .
26 Up to this point the only political significance of racism had been that it provided a divided work force for employers .
27 A disadvantage of team teaching , of course , has been that it required the teacher , normally an individualistic person accustomed to complete authority within the four walls of his classroom , to sink his authority and his subject speciality within a group .
28 but it could n't of been cos it came out last week
29 How much easier and clearer it might have been if it had been possible to say that both parents and husband were equally concerned and that they might all talk together .
30 This is in part due to practice ; but there is also an influence of maturation , for if a chick is prevented from pecking at food during its second day , it will still be better at pecking on its third than on its first day ( Figure 3.5 ) but it will not be as accurate as it would have been if it had been allowed to practise .
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