Example sentences of "be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 This belief , expressed in the legal doctrine of novus actus interruptus , is that a person is responsible for his own actions , and others are not responsible even if they induced his action by suggesting that there are reasons for it , or by behaving in ways which led him to form such a belief .
2 I hope that my hon. Friend understands that , although it is unusual to contribute at this point in the debate , there are reasons for it .
3 It sets out to show that there are comics for everyone from political exposes to baroque fantasies , from toilet humour to cartoon confessionals .
4 But the crucial point about pretence or acting is that these are activities for which there are criteria too .
5 Now there are calls for him to resign .
6 This boy is clearly highly disturbed and there are dangers for him in either of the options which were open to the justices to make the order or to refuse it .
7 There have been calls for his resignation , which he has ignored .
8 Nonetheless there are titles for which more than one source of information needs to be consulted — either because the titles are borderline choices , and/or because one source does not give all the information needed .
9 Kaleida will initially be housed at Apple 's headquarters , but there are plans for it to be relocated to Silicon Valley later in the year .
10 ‘ The country areas are a softer option for them where they know some areas are no-gos for us because of manoeuvrability and the terrain .
11 These are objects for which the compact object is normally thought to be a neutron star ; the most popular model for the QPOs involves interaction between an accretion flow and the magnetosphere of the neutron star .
12 I 've been search for it and here it is look at that , two in there , that 's the new one
13 Did n't used to really , ooh it must of been murder for him when you think !
14 It must have been murder for our mum . ’
15 Hoyland saw his job as trying to impose some order on his boss 's whirlwind operating methods , which had caused such irritation amongst the others that there had been demands for his dismissal .
16 Venus will be in the area of love and relationships in January , June , July and November , so there are opportunities for you to find happiness and fulfilment this year .
17 The stress on Levi 's insensitivity to religion is allowed to suggest that all Jews are religious , and there are readers for whom this might signal the corollary that all Jews are Zionists , and are likely to be supporters of Israeli government policy .
18 There are addresses for them .
19 They are singers for whom singing and rehearsal are constant duties that are not always ( to say the least ) touched by concerns of high art .
20 HTFS customers are companies for which heat transfer is an important part of their business in that they design , manufacture or use heat exchangers .
21 There are advantages for everyone , and most of all for the pupils , in making the transition from class teaching in the primary school to specialist teaching in the secondary school a gradual rather than a sudden one .
22 … We have consciously tried to place responsibility on the management of nationalized industries and to make it clear that pay negotiations are matters for them and their employees .
23 The detailed points raised by the hon. Member for Linlithgow ( Mr. Dalyell ) are matters for my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs , who will have heard what the hon. Gentleman has said .
24 Admissions to the United Kingdom are matters for our right hon. Friend the Home Secretary .
25 Gardens are work for me , not leisure . ’
26 ‘ They 're ferns for my Nature collection , look you .
27 I wonder how he would have done in today 's game , do you think there would have been room for him today ?
28 It is not therefore surprising that he becomes unable to make love satisfactorily to the women he chooses since they are surrogates for his mother .
29 There are applications for which a generative grammar would be better suited than a probabilistic one .
30 When I am finished , everything is in its place , and there are places for everything .
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