Example sentences of "[was/were] scatter all [prep] " in BNC.

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1 During Friday 20 May and Saturday the 21st the fierce chase continued , during which some of the French ships were scattered all over the Channel ; a few , like the Spanish Armada before them , only escaped by sailing right round the British Isles .
2 He loved Meli so much his ashes were scattered all over her grave
3 Every St Kildan family owned a number of cleits and they were scattered all over the island , many of them convenient to the bird cliffs because ‘ fresh ’ birds were much heavier than those that had dried out , and everything had to be carried back to the village eventually .
4 The floor was covered by a large mosaic and I was really getting interested in some of the antics of the guys with beards who were scattered all over it , when I heard the tap-tap of her feet in the distance together with a heavier , more measured tread .
5 He was standing next to her pebble , yelling through a megaphone at the other beetles who were scattered all over the sheet measuring up circles drawn round all the various pebbles .
6 On the other hand , its members were scattered all over the United Kingdom , which made a northern town central .
7 Fragments of wicker were scattered all around the room ; a small pile of them marked the drain .
8 It was here that Grandfather Denknetzeyan had spent many hours in deep contemplation while the seeds of revolution were scattered all around him , here that he spent his last moments in Moscow before setting out on that final and fateful journey to Petrograd .
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