Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] found to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The current definition of unfitness ( under the Housing Act 1957 ) lists nine items in which a dwelling must be found to be ‘ reasonably suitable for occupation … ’ .
2 In order that a workstation on the network ( see Figure 4.3 ) can be used for a required purpose , that purpose must be found to be in agreement with the overall management plan .
3 Professor Glennerster says that his research shows that none of the alleged scares about the scheme could be found to be true .
4 If these could be found to be overwhelmingly large or small then the results could be of use in the framing of policy .
5 If it could be measured in units related to time , the quantities may be found to be proportional to the distance back in the evolutionary chain to which an individual may revert .
6 Even the would-be socially superior , the boastful , and the priggish may be found to be quite agreeable people once they have relaxed .
7 A few patients who are admitted may be found to be unfit for anaesthesia , or it may be decided that their condition is unlikely to respond to surgery .
8 It will not have to be either critical or challenging , although elsewhere in the world , among less fortunate nations , it may be found to be so .
9 The hope is that addictive disease of all kinds may be found to be due to a common biochemical dysfunction and that it can therefore be corrected .
10 In time , after strictly avoiding sugar and white flour , the number of other " binge " foods may be found to be reduced to zero .
11 However , such a mental exercise may be found to be of more benefit to him than could any rules , and as such may not be such a bad thing .
12 However , if he is a currency speculator he may be found to be trading in currencies and as he resides in the United Kingdom it would be very difficult to show that the trade was carried on outside the United Kingdom .
13 In many cases such user may be found to be tax-free because the taxpayer who uses the premises has not received " income " for the purposes of Schedule D , Case I and Case II .
14 On starting BBCBASIC(Z80) , TIME may be found to be " stuck " at a large value .
15 If the performance were costed , the assumption that the retirement pension is not earned but an unreciprocated gift from the employed to the non-employed would be found to be untenable .
16 The court pointed out that it was rare that a rescuer would be found to be contributorily negligent .
17 It is submitted that this is sensible : if the party seeking to enforce the restraint were required to match the restraint exactly to the interest very few restraints , if any at all , would be found to be reasonable .
18 Scots per day … that all servants that shall be found to be fourty days out of service after they Leave their former Masters and not engaged with ane oyr. master shall pay ten merks Scots of fine , and that every woman that shall be found out of service as above to pay five merks Scots of fine … " 1729 .
19 If the young daughters of women with gonorrhoea are examined some 5 per cent will be found to be suffering from a gonococcal vulva-vaginitis .
20 With all this it is rather slow to grow and frequently when the culture plate is examined for evidence of gonococcal growth it will be found to be overgrown by other bacteria or yeasts , making it difficult or impossible to identify the gonococcus .
21 However , syphilis is a systemic infection and , if the treponeme is looked for , it will be found to be affecting many different organs in the body , from the liver to the lungs and the brain to the bones .
22 If this time is converted into equinoctial time , it will be found to be shortly before 12.45 .
23 This not only deflects any queries about the substance of the offshore company , it also minimises the risk that the company will be found to be UK resident ( since it is in fact staffed by personnel who are capable of carrying out their nominated duties ) .
24 In considering whether at this stage it is possible to say that the answer to this question must be ‘ nothing ’ I must assume that the third defendant will be found guilty of conspiracy or fraud as alleged by the plaintiffs and also that the third party will be found to be negligent as regards the plaintiffs in the respects mentioned in the third party notice .
25 Such an equilibrium is stable ; that is , the price , if displaced a little from it , will tend to return , as a pendulum oscillates about its lowest point ; and it will be found to be a characteristic of stable equilibria that in them the demand price is greater than the supply price for amounts just less than the equilibrium amount , and vice versa .
26 It seems probable that many of the models outlined above will be found to be applicable to at least some passive margins , but much work remains to be done in this field .
27 Partly because if we explicate the concept of requesting , it will be found to be constituted of the very speaker beliefs and wishes listed in part in ( a ) - ( g ) ( see Chapter 5 ) .
28 Indeed , it is this last advantage which is most useful in giving guidance to performers of works other than these three , since if particular tempos can be found to be frequently associated with particular verbal instructions , these may acquire more precise meanings for other works , at least for those by the same composer ( see table 2 ) .
29 When tested in the experience of humanity it can be found to be a better explanation of the lives and purposes of men and women than its rivals on the laissez-faire Right or the Marxist Left .
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