Example sentences of "[vb mod] [adv] be said to " in BNC.

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1 The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria , a very well-educated man , who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son ; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine .
2 But other concerns seem to centre around whether animals might properly be said to be happy or free from worry' , not in the sense of being healthy and free from pain but rather with the human paradigm in mind .
3 In such a situation , the participants may , in fact , ‘ speak topically ’ , but they might also be said to be speaking on a topic .
4 Paradoxically , if such a person were to fail to give notice , he might then be said to be committing an offence even though , because of the hypothesised publicity , it is most unlikely that the police will not already know about his proposed march .
5 When , however , its satisfactions depend upon the infliction of pain or damage upon an unwilling partner , the situation is again that of using a person as a mere object : the sadist ( or , sometimes , the masochist ) may genuinely be said to be a social and personal menace .
6 The question which arises is whether the family proceedings court can make an order for no contact ; that is whether it could properly be said to be an order which was ‘ appropriate ’ with respect to the contact between the child and the parent .
7 We could only do so if in our view he was so clearly and outrageously wrong that his decision could properly be said to be irrational .
8 Since the unit almost certainly operated some Piper Cubs , it could loosely be said to be an airfield memorial !
9 In the strictest sense then , the subject of this chapter are the six Warsaw Pact members of Eastern Europe which , along with Mongolia , could alone be said to be bound to the ‘ socialist commonwealth ’ .
10 For much of the next generation there could scarcely be said to be such a thing as a French army , for a sizeable proportion of Charles VII 's soldiers came from Scotland .
11 These meetings could not be said to be unimportant because world Christianity ought to be seen to meet .
12 The students could not be said to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts .
13 Nevertheless it was held that any false indication given by the retailer could not be said to be due to the act or default of Cadbury since the retailer could quite easily have compared the weights and prices of his existing stock and the new bars to see if the label ‘ Extra value ’ was justified .
14 English has no dental or labiodental plosive phonemes , so in these cases , although there is clearly assimilation , there could not be said to be a substitution of one phoneme for another .
15 The Prince of Wales could hardly be said to be a good luck symbol at the moment .
16 The difference illustrated here could reasonably be said to be as much attitudinal as grammatical .
17 A learner driver sitting behind the steering wheel is a driver even though the qualified driver has control of the vehicle as well and could also be said to be driving .
18 It could also be said to be an example of the developed use of experienced laymen to assist in the determination of disputes .
19 The most familiar is that of total ignorance , in the sense of making no response at all , and which could also be said to be based on total ignorance .
20 Could also be said to be its maturity value .
21 I should have screamed at the start — whenever the start could now be said to be .
22 I 'm grateful , that 's for today , erm my Lord it may sound slightly more erm contentious , but I 'd also ask for certificate for counsel for the thirteenth of August hearing , may I say the reason for that , it 's a matter that has n't come before you , you wo n't know about , it 's this , this reason , because at that period it was n't just the application under twenty eighty or twenty eight , four for delay there was another application er , which was unsuccessful which has n't been proceed today , but cost were also disallowed with more serious reason , I submit that said showed er negligent or that improper conduct , there was a substantial attack mounted , and I can use no other words fairly describe it on the professional conduct of and for that reason my Lord er both cos the seriousness of the allegations , but of course also because of the potential conflict that they acted for themselves and it would of been in situation for us solicitor hence to turn up , er they instructed counsel and my self , and so for that double reason in my believe we should be entitled to at , at first stage , ordinarily I would n't of had a very good run for argument but I , it 's my suspicion my clue recollection , be backed up by those behind me , and indeed by the documents that a substantial attack was mounted and it was in , I have to say in full flight terms , and much hence could n't be said to be unreasonable to deem if necessarily , unusually to send counsel in front of a taxing master , well I wo n't say any more on the point , but that is my suspicion
23 The local stone here is gritstone , much of it brought down I suspect from the quarries on the flanks of Penhill , and on a summer 's evening , when the children are playing on the swings and people are sat talking quietly in the dying sunlight outside the pub while an old dog wanders across the green sniffing his way towards the children , then , when every building is tinted with amber and the gardens are heavy with blooms , it could well be said to be " t'prattiest lal spot i't'Dales " .
24 When a three- or four-year-old child first comes to school , his real concern could almost be said to be his own identity .
25 The novel 's role could then be said to be to question the way we think about culture .
26 Some of Freud 's patients became more rational in their understanding of their problems , and they could therefore be said to be nearer than non-patients to the standard Freud held up as worthy of human beings .
27 If the scheme is comprehensive , it may also be said to be an unwieldy instrument for judges and juries to use .
28 A person who has parked his car on a road and left it unattended ca n't be said to be the driver of this offence .
29 The decision may certainly be said to be out of line with the recent trend , that a defendant should be judged on the facts as he believes them to be ; and this led the Criminal Law Revision Committee to recommend that the rules should be harmonized and that the prosecution should prove that the man realized that the girl was under 16 .
30 The effect of such imagery is to enrich or enlarge our concept of the male , or of what may truly be said to be ‘ masculine ’ .
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