Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] shown to be " in BNC.

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1 Surveillance programmes are expensive , time consuming , and unpleasant for patients and should be shown to be effective before implementation .
2 To remedy this , he suggests that arts education must be shown to be " vocational " , which is to say that arts should be shown to provide education for living , acting , doing , knowing , thinking , and enjoying .
3 First , the benefit attributable to the patent must be shown to be current at the time of the employee 's application ; the prospect of future benefits such as royalty payments from foreign sub-licensees is only relevant to the quantum of compensation awarded should outstanding benefit be proved .
4 The cultural formation , at this level , is still alternative , but in the crisis of those years it was both necessarily involved in political activities , with direct and dangerous consequences , and in an overlap between what might in a different period be seen as separate kinds of practice ; as Godwin justly observed in 1794 , ‘ the humble novelist might be shown to be constructively a traitor ’ .
5 The classic realists could be shown to be just as transgressive and problematic as the modernists .
6 Ricardou was particularly guilty of attempting to establish an officially sanctioned list of approved modernist precursors : the criteria he used were based on a simplistic and over-schematic distinction between writers who accepted a mimetic function and those for whom the materiality of language could be shown to be paramount .
7 On appeal , this assumption could be shown to be false and the village ends up with a significant new development site ; it is this type of appeal decision which leaves the layman surprised and frustrated at the way in which the system operates .
8 If this could be shown to be the case they would have been entitled to a share purchase order from the Court .
9 If crime and deviance could be shown to be vitally necessary then this would be a serious blow indeed to the correctionalist stance — of both positivists and classicists .
10 He therefore sought to prove both that the structures of history were necessarily dialectical and that the course of actual history could be shown to be so .
11 Once one had accepted the initial premise of statements about witchcraft , the processes of thought could be shown to be the same as those entailed in scientific thought .
12 It may be useful for family health services authorities within the zone to take on responsibility for arranging early retirement packages , where these could be shown to be in the interests of the service .
13 The hypothesis that states pursue their national interest could be shown to be empirically superior to its rivals , thus grounding a Positive science of international relations .
14 One group of sites could be seen to be more or less contemporary because they produced the same types of tool , while those which produced other types could be shown to be earlier or later in date .
15 Plenary sessions in the Conference had , one after the other , commented on the absence of any relevant courses at University Departments of Education , on the similar failure on the part of other institutions of higher education to develop qualifications which might secure recognition from the Council for National Academic Awards , and on the apparent unwillingness of the Department of Education and Science to recognise overseas qualifications whilst at the same time refusing to take a lead in a field which could be shown to be a priority area .
16 He looked at the crime figures reported by the Merseyside police , where the increase in clear-up rates could be shown to be related to the number of prison visits by police officers .
17 In spelling out its arguments for the proposed pattern , the Council was once again reinterpreting the balance that had been at the centre of its concerns from the beginning : there was nothing in the Charter and Statutes ‘ which prevented greater recognition from being given to an institution 's own internal procedures where these could be shown to be rigorous and effective .
18 But if some existing races could be shown to be closer to the apes than others , would this not prove their inferiority ?
19 In R v London Borough of Harrow , ex pDeal [ 1989 ] FCR 729 the Court of Appeal confirmed that judicial review would lie if a decision to place a child 's name on the register could be shown to be utterly unreasonable .
20 As Stocking has shown , an innovation may be shown to be effective but not adopted widely , whereas another innovation may not have been demonstrated to be effective yet can become widely accepted in practice .
21 The danger consists in imagining some essence of Christianity , for example , that , because it may be shown to be immune to scientific criticism today , is assumed always to have existed and therefore , properly understood , is always impervious to criticism .
22 Using the condition , the denominator may be shown to be proportional to , which in steady state is strictly positive for .
23 We have already seen that depressive or manic responses may be shown to be related to the problem of the son 's relation to the mother and his contradictory desire to be devoted to her as the ideal mother of hunter-gatherer prehistory and yet to be free of her as the phallic , dominant mother of primal agriculture .
24 With a little effort , the transfer function between its input and load resistance R may be shown to be Thus it performs as a third-order Butterworth filter when
25 This will be shown to be particularly the case in the next chapter on the relationship between catholicism and the Irish constitution .
26 No ; control for a prior variable ( size of the fire ) and the relationship will be shown to be negative .
27 If the fact that the label is encoded there helps in the interpretation of a pronoun referring to that object , the other half of Sag & Hankamer 's hypothesis — that deep anaphors are interpreted with respect to only a mental model — will be shown to be false .
28 Discrimination in education , as in other spheres covered by the Act such as employment ( see Chapter 9 ) is also permissible if it can be shown to be ‘ justifiable ’ .
29 It could well and easily be replaced by a doctrine which has it that the surgeon 's act carries liability only if good faith and due care and skill can be shown to be lacking .
30 I have suggested that it can be shown to be fair or just to do so ; but this may not make it right if some other principle of greater weight is involved .
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