Example sentences of "[vb pp] all over the [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 The Museum , although having a modern exterior , was originally built around a Moorish bath-house Commemorative plaques of the Rock 's historical past have been posted all over the streets and buildings .
2 Leaked all over the pages . ’
3 There were American military bases scattered all over the Islands : they were there to protect the Pacific .
4 His room 's a dustbin with lists of objects pinned all over the walls — no , I do n't know what it means .
5 Fireplaces of Dent marble can be found all over the Dales , while the columns of Ingleborough Hall and the staircases of the Inns of Court , London , Owens College , Manchester , and the Cartwright Memorial Hall , Bradford , were all made of the crinoid limestone of Dentdale .
6 For years before his death rumours had spread all over the Dales that put his rude good health and longevity to dealings with the Devil and pointed to his long canine teeth as evidence of vampirism .
7 Agriculture is not like defence — a matter of being privy to private information ; it is splattered all over the journals .
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