Example sentences of "[vb pp] all over the place " in BNC.

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1 The Soviet statistics were terribly messy and scattered all over the place but Davies and Barker finally succeeded in teasing them out and knocking them into some sort of shape .
2 I 've g I 've got about a half a dozen sheets of paper scattered all over the place , and I 've decided to do it in this cos then I can just go to here .
3 But even when there were teams of twenty or thirty workmen ‘ tripping over each other ’ , as Laura told a friend , with beds scattered all over the place and no curtains , ‘ it still has a very romantic atmosphere ’ .
4 It just lifted the roofing from the base of the stack and hen houses just scattered all over the place .
5 And there 's this thing scattered all over the place
6 But the furniture is made all over the place although 's our best maker and he 's up in Scotland .
7 We had a bit of a party in the Met Office that night , tearful farewells were said all over the place , and I departed the next morning with my kit and a bad headache , ready for whatever Fate had in store for me .
8 Have you ever seen the erm tag idea written all over the place ?
9 The field they were in had British as well as German mines sown all over the place .
10 The place was deserted , there was no sign of the family , smashed furniture and household goods were strewn all over the place .
11 But it does n't mean to say that you are sending somebody who says he 's a Conservative , going to support a Conservative government , and the moment he gets there is to be found all over the place .
12 They had gone all over the place ; peeking into the Oval Office ( but the little rope was across , Hakim said ) ; stopping on the stairs to look at a picture called The Canine Cabinet , in which North pointed out a drowsing member and said it was Casey ; and into the Roosevelt Room , where North showed the young Iranian the Nobel Prize won by Theodore Roosevelt for negotiating peace between the Russians and the Japanese .
13 ‘ Why somebody 's left an 'ole choc-ice on the floor , and it 's run all over the place .
14 Her only pleasure in it now was the notes left all over the place by her father : cheery instructions in a classical scholar 's hand , written on the gummed labels used by the more pious English government departments to get a second use out of old envelopes .
15 ‘ I 'm getting a little tired , ’ she added tetchily , ‘ of being shunted all over the place looking for your wretched cousin . ’
16 Taken all over the place .
17 Not , well this one specifically this but er I mean there 's tapes being taken all over the place .
18 You would n't like to be chased all over the place the whole time would you ?
19 Typically of experienced teachers recognising the potential weakness of the whole venture ( it will in fact only succeed if the pupils are determined to make it succeed — not something one can often rely on ! ) , precautions were adopted such as warning them beforehand to mark out the route they take , and ( the final card up teacher 's sleeve as pupils start to get killed all over the place ) to come in as narrator saying , ‘ Suddenly , for no apparent reason , the danger passed and the members returned to safety ’ !
20 Apart from the problem of water being splashed all over the place , the dog may scratch the bath with its claws .
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