Example sentences of "[coord] it is widely [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The European Community ( EC ) , for example , actually came into existence largely through an acute perception of French national interests by Jean Monnet , who was mainly responsible for creating the European Coal and Steel Community — the precursor of the Common Market — as a means of protecting French industry and especially French steel makers from their more efficient German competitors ; and it is widely recognized at the present time that national interests continue to play a major part in the debates and decisions of the Community .
2 All posts are subject to the local government superannuation scheme and it is widely acknowledged that this is one of the most attractive schemes offered anywhere .
3 The one-year course is only to lay down the foundations of good technical training — and it is widely recognised that the course simply pushes the student into the profession with enough practical experience to find his or her feet .
4 Clearly that goes through many doors throughout the er the constituency , and it is widely read , people look forward to it .
5 It is the major medium for high-level training and it is widely used in most other forms of interaction .
6 SCP is not eligible for rediscount with the Bank of England but it is attractive to a much wider range of investors than bankers ' acceptances , and it is widely held outside the banking sector by institutional investors such as insurance companies and pension funds .
7 IBM now has 13 autonomous business units , with nine focused on specific product lines , and it is widely suggested that some of these need heavyweight industry veterans to run them effectively .
8 Self-promotion of that sort may be a matter for amused comment , but it is widely accepted that one may choose one 's Place in the pecking order , or try to , and that in Britain parentage does not irreversibly define class .
9 Much has been said and written as to how exactly the miracle is performed , but it is widely agreed that a relatively stable group of large general electronics companies in Japan did succeed in the 1970S and 1980S in being continuously innovative in terms of products and markets .
10 But it is widely expected that further heads will have to roll if the discredited Communist Party is to retrieve the situation .
11 Mr Kinnock is not obliged to include Mr McNamara in his first Cabinet but it is widely expected in the province that the Liverpool-born Roman Catholic would assume the portfolio that he has shadowed for more than five years .
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