Example sentences of "[noun prp] and all over the " in BNC.

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1 Then again , it is always possible they tokenised the ban a ) because they felt they could get away with it ; b ) because the stars involved are too big to lose ( especially the photogenic Krabbe ) from the firmament of German sport ; c ) because if it could all be made to look like a mistake , world athletics might look that much cleaner ; d ) because they feared a backlash from the disenfranchised trio , in the form of wholesale revelations about the extent of drug use in athletics , both in Germany and all over the world ; and e ) arising perhaps out of D , they do n't feel like visiting a heavy punishment on their own girls , when there are many others the world over who are equally deserving of banishment .
2 They changed that , so the money er it 's a bit different than the Maxwell , the money has n't been erm a switched over to the Cayman Islands and all over the place , it 's it 's stayed in , in the but of course we 're told by the trustees and by our legal advice that nothing illegal 's taken place , the money 's been used to st er finance early voluntary retirement etcetera , etcetera .
3 NHS trust hospitals in my health authority area are sending people to Toronto , Paris and all over the world to learn how to do catering and cleaning .
4 I have met people from Africa , Europe and all over the world .
5 This pattern of life was being copied in Britain and all over the motorized world with greater or less fidelity .
6 Once upon a time teams from Britain and all over the world were seen under the lights .
7 War criminals now living in Canada , America , New Zealand and all over the world .
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