Example sentences of "[pers pn] have [be] talking to " in BNC.

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1 I told him I 'd been talking to Richie .
2 A lot of them related to the data I 'd been passing but also he 'd want to know who I 'd been talking to .
3 ‘ She was complaining at not being able to get through because my number was engaged and I said I 'd been talking to you .
4 After I 'd been talking to him about leaving .
5 I 'd been talking to someone about the effects of music , cos there 's a couple of court cases going on .
6 I stayed in the bottom class , but noticed the girl that I had been talking to was in another class .
7 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
8 I 've been talking to people about this , 'cos everyone thinks the video is so sexy , you know .
9 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
10 Erm , oh I have got something else , which is music , erm , at the last meeting I said I 've been talking to Simon from the Queen 's Hall , about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
11 I 've been talking to Adèle .
12 What k what kind what 's changed in the short time are the things Wh when I 've been talking to them about the publicity you said that , The last few years there 's there has been
13 ‘ Oh , come on , ’ said Finn , ‘ I 've been talking to Betty .
14 I 've been talking to a lot of people . ’
15 " I 've been talking to Adrian , " Helen whispered back .
16 ‘ Rune , I 've been talking to Suzie … ’
17 I 've been talking to Clare . ’
18 I 've been talking to you myself , you know ? ’
19 I 've been talking to Louise , ’ said Rachel , ‘ and she 's going to start making enquiries about Len going to Conway House . ’
20 Richard Lewis , oh yes Sir , er , yes Sir , I 've just seen the figures , I 've been talking to them about it , oh yes , I 've told them exactly what 's wrong , but they do n't seem able to well yes Sir , I know it 's not good enough , but what can you do if you 've got idiots working for yo , what 's that , oh no Sir , I 'm not asking you , what , hello .
21 and er , when we got them printed , before we even sent them off , there were one , somebody , I 've been talking to the father in , in the father of the bridge
22 Well I did we we talked about this , you see Mary Anne , half way through the conversation er Neil went out of the room so that I could to Mary Ann and I said towards the end of my conversation , you know , Mary Ann you 're a very wise person , give me some advice I said , I told her about Neil not wanting no not doing well on the driving , although he can drive she said he does n't want to do it she said do n't hassle him so when he came downstairs I said I 've been talking to Mary Ann and she sends you her love and because , of course , you know , we 've got a grandson , you know she had a son , my
23 he says I 've been talking to that wee feller and he was talking about the pub which got .
24 I 've been talking to some of them about it , it 's meant to be , cos I did n't know it was going on , and I saw them in the paper , says oh !
25 I 've been talking to , , and Billy .
26 I have been talking to the whites many years about the lands in question , and it is strange they can not understand me ; the country they claim belonged to my father , and when he died it was given to me and my people , and I will not leave it until I am compelled to .
27 I have been talking to colleagues here in Oxford about the use of OALDCE 3/e in one of your hand held devices .
28 I have been talking to one or two members of s staff at a fairly low level over the last week .
29 I have been talking to the leaders in Medicine and Education and clearly there are many areas where we can and will be working together in telling the Government that they must support us in supplying quality services and that the Treasury is a support service , not the determinant of policy .
30 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to my Hilda and young Ralph . ’
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