Example sentences of "[pers pn] 'll have a drink " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I think I 'll have a drink .
2 She said , ‘ I think I 'll have a drink too . ’
3 I 'll have a drink though sherry Mum can I have a sherry please ?
4 I 'll have a drink after .
5 Sergeant , you 'll have a drink with us ?
6 You 'll have a drink , I 'm sure you will . ’
7 Maybe you 'll have a drink next time . ’
8 Tell her firmly that you fear if she does n't pull herself together soon she 'll have a drink problem and suggest she seeks help from her GP who can refer her to a psychiatrist .
9 But when this wretched business is over , we sha n't have to be enemies any more and we 'll have a drink together . ’
10 ‘ I know when I play someone like Tottenham 's Neil Ruddock we 'll both give it out , but afterwards we 'll have a drink .
11 We 'll have a drink at my house later but do n't let's fuck around here . ’
12 We 'll have a drink waiting for you , ’ Flora said , and put her dark glasses on .
13 We 'll have a drink .
14 Sensing that Dora was about to protest , and to avoid further argument , Melissa said hastily , ‘ Come along to my room and we 'll have a drink . ’
15 We 'll have a drink and decide where to go .
16 I mean we 've always got drink in the house and s and occasionally we 'll have a drink at night but sometimes we just do n't touch it for ages unless anyone comes round .
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