Example sentences of "[pers pn] 've [be] talking [prep] " in BNC.

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1 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
2 I 've been talking to people about this , 'cos everyone thinks the video is so sexy , you know .
3 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
4 Erm , oh I have got something else , which is music , erm , at the last meeting I said I 've been talking to Simon from the Queen 's Hall , about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
5 I 've been talking to Adèle .
6 What k what kind what 's changed in the short time are the things Wh when I 've been talking to them about the publicity you said that , The last few years there 's there has been
7 ‘ Oh , come on , ’ said Finn , ‘ I 've been talking to Betty .
8 I 've been talking to a lot of people . ’
9 " I 've been talking to Adrian , " Helen whispered back .
10 ‘ Rune , I 've been talking to Suzie … ’
11 I 've been talking to Clare . ’
12 I 've been talking to you myself , you know ? ’
13 I 've been talking to Louise , ’ said Rachel , ‘ and she 's going to start making enquiries about Len going to Conway House . ’
14 Richard Lewis , oh yes Sir , er , yes Sir , I 've just seen the figures , I 've been talking to them about it , oh yes , I 've told them exactly what 's wrong , but they do n't seem able to well yes Sir , I know it 's not good enough , but what can you do if you 've got idiots working for yo , what 's that , oh no Sir , I 'm not asking you , what , hello .
15 and er , when we got them printed , before we even sent them off , there were one , somebody , I 've been talking to the father in , in the father of the bridge
16 Well I did we we talked about this , you see Mary Anne , half way through the conversation er Neil went out of the room so that I could to Mary Ann and I said towards the end of my conversation , you know , Mary Ann you 're a very wise person , give me some advice I said , I told her about Neil not wanting no not doing well on the driving , although he can drive she said he does n't want to do it she said do n't hassle him so when he came downstairs I said I 've been talking to Mary Ann and she sends you her love and because , of course , you know , we 've got a grandson , you know she had a son , my
17 he says I 've been talking to that wee feller and he was talking about the pub which got .
18 I 've been talking to some of them about it , it 's meant to be , cos I did n't know it was going on , and I saw them in the paper , says oh !
19 I 've been talking to , , and Billy .
20 I 've been talking with Father O'Harte , and I 'm come back .
21 ‘ We came here ’ , Miss Honey said , ‘ to talk about you and I 've been talking about nothing but myself the whole time .
22 There 's very little room for the qualitative work I 've been talking about : it it is there it tends to get tacked on to an existing project when the sociologist is brought in to provide expertise on survey design or interviewing or to use a standard measure of patient ‘ quality of life . ’
23 Now we know that Antarctic bottom water is formed here in the Webber Sea and the samples that I 've been talking about were taken here in the South Georgia basin , so we can see that it has taken seventeen years for the water to travel from here to here .
24 Erm the service continues next term with me starting and then Mike taking over half way through and what I 'll be doing is supplying the general two theoried two theoretic semantics that I 've been talking about erm two specific instructions in a natural language I can get what six
25 Davidson Davidson kind of claims this in semantics in natural languages which I suggested that you read , but Davidson puts the claim the other way round , that is there 's no more syntax than that structure needs in semantics and that 's just false , that 's just false because you 're not going to account for all the data I 've been talking about , about verb phrases .
26 ‘ So how do we avoid turning into those sort of pillocks I 've been talking about , Jim ? ’
27 I now want to prove to you that this kind of evolution I 've been talking about , evolution by natural selection , at the level of individual genes , can not produce social cooperation .
28 In other words , these things I 've been talking about , map , if I may use that concept again from mathematics , they map to earlier feelings .
29 But I do n't think it really ever I mean there were quite a lot of initiatives like that you know of people thinking of different ways really of of sticking together to combat er you know what I 've been talking about which was smashing unionism and er forcing lower wages really onto the the already low paid , which er really seems to be what Thatcher 's all about you know in order to er curb inflation and create a very divided society where er half the population seem to have to live either on the dole or in in poverty really in in derelict bits of Britain .
30 I have to write what I 've been talking about .
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