Example sentences of "[pers pn] is now accepted [that] " in BNC.

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1 It is now accepted that UDR members and RUC officers have been leaking to loyalists .
2 It is now accepted that she destroyed the correspondence herself .
3 It is now accepted that new prerogative powers can not be created , but the scope of many established prerogative powers is unclear .
4 While it is now accepted that coronary arteriography can be safely performed following myocardial infarction , there is considerable variation between centres about the perceived indications for the test .
5 While the application of procedural checks to licensing activities has therefore increased it would be mistaken to say that it is now accepted that any licensing function should be subjected to such safeguards .
6 It is now accepted that a non-combinatorial entropy contribution arises from the formation of new ( 1–2 ) contacts in the mixture which change the vibrational frequencies of the two components , i.e. assumption ( d ) in section 8.2 must be relaxed .
7 Though the Report could be interpreted as advocating an exchange rate union , it is now accepted that it recommends a currency union .
8 On the other hand it is now accepted that Kennedy 's lengthy telephone calls to Macmillan fell short of " consultation " even if Macmillan 's official biographer argues that they " were certainly more than just 'informative' " .
9 10 Burden of proof Dealing first with the question of reasonableness as between the parties it is now accepted that the burden of proof falls on the party seeking to enforce the restraint .
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