Example sentences of "[adv prt] over a long period " in BNC.

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1 Had this apparently contradictory programme been worked out over a long period , it might have seemed more logical .
2 Now that 's different you 'll not get em to cancel it but to get them to spin it out over a longer period is a possibility and that 's what we 're gon na be working towards .
3 They went on over a long period and affected many children who had been entrusted to the defendants for care and help .
4 In some programs files have to be inverted overnight and this requires the microcomputer to be switched on over a long period of time .
5 The arrival of Islam and the Arabic language was to mark another of the great turning points in the history of Egypt , and their absorption by Egyptian society went on over a long period , being generally a peaceful and incremental process .
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