Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] make [art] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 If I may make a return by listening to your troubles , I am very willing to do so . ’
2 As you will know I may make a reference under this section when I desire the opinion of the Court , not on the whole case but on a point arising on it .
3 While all this talk of constitutional change is in the air — Kinnock proposes to abolish the House of Lords and dismember the United Kingdom , as well as to forbid the whole country from hunting — I wonder if I may make a proposal .
4 I may make a mess of this but that does n't mean I 'm stupid .
5 ‘ If I may make a suggestion , ’ Horowitz , also standing , addressed Evans .
6 So I thought to myself ‘ I must make a change ’ .
7 First I must make a confession .
8 I got ta , I got ta do I must make a bed .
9 Like all young men I must make a journey .
10 I 've got that I 've got that I must make a note of this .
11 If you go to New Hampshire , I mu I must make a study of New Hampshire some time , if you go to New Hampshire , which is a delightful place , if you go to New Hampshire , New Hampshire appears to have no taxation at all as far as I can ascertain and the most favourite er car bumper sticker in New Hampshire is taxation is theft .
12 But I must make a gesture … ’
13 I have a sketchy lifestyle because I ca n't work and I must make a living the best way I can
14 I must make the Easter chocolate nest cake must n't I ?
15 Maybe I should make a break for it , transit myself through the falling drops , and float on an oil-slick until morning .
16 I had an idea that I should make a show of dignity and tried to do this by looking straight ahead , as if the crowds moving up and down the platform were beneath my notice .
17 I paid every attention to her during a long sickness and , a short time before her death , she requested that I should make a mummy of her body , and keep her beside me — I have kept my word . ’
18 Hey , maybe I should make a visicord of you two , sell it down-Level , sell you two down-Level to a doghouse where they do that kind of thing !
19 In reply to the hon. Gentleman 's comment about the Government 's policy since 1985 , I should make the point that I have been Secretary of State for two and a half years of that period .
20 I should make the dining-room before the Night Superintendent , providing , as Gwenellen had advised , I escaped Home Sister .
21 If you take a time exposure of the stars with a static camera you just get streaks , because of the Earth 's movement , and I should make the device follow the stars at the correct speed , you can get an awful lot of stars that 's completely invisible to the naked eye .
22 I should make an effort but she 's
23 So I might make a trip to .
24 So I might make a waistcoat .
25 If I might make a suggestion — shut up and sit down .
26 ‘ Not to anybody lad , ’ came the reply , ‘ but for you I might make an exception . ’
27 " I 'll make a footballer of you , if not a scholar . "
28 I 'll make a border of shells , ’ Oliver said , ‘ and plant some forget-me-nots . ’
29 I 'll make a way through . ’
30 I 'll make a dash for it . ’
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