Example sentences of "[pers pn] [adv] difficult [verb] [coord] " in BNC.

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1 The steep hillsides made it more difficult to hide and transport cattle , and after the establishment of coffee plantations and gardens in the 1840s the crime must have become more difficult to carry out profitably .
2 In power , they found it legally difficult to identify and expel illegal immigrants , so many now think the ULFA has the more effective solution .
3 These pay levels have resulted in low morale within the Service and have made it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain staff .
4 At the same time , however , the parties have found it increasingly difficult to build and sustain popular confidence in their capacity to ‘ solve the country 's problems ’ , as these problems have become more acute and intractable .
5 This is the reason for the high incidence of pre-menstrual tension among women who find it particularly difficult to relax or unwind .
6 In contrast to the other states though , Germany was still a series of small states and principalities , and this made it very difficult to finance and develop the railway network .
7 Doing them altogether , I find difficult to do , apart from the weather point of view , if it could be fitted to two maybe , you know you co you go to somewhere in Church Stretton okay , it 's distant enough when you have one place to go , when you do the Wellington section , you 've got four , and I find it very difficult to work and chase round to children 's homes , to give it any .
8 I have a Series III , two and a quarter SWB and I find it very difficult to start and keep going , even with the choke right out .
9 If you find it too difficult to manage or
10 Western Europe and Japan may find it politically difficult to finance and support Anglo-American interventionism in the future .
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