Example sentences of "[noun pl] can be said to " in BNC.

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1 Such organizations can be said to be poorly designed .
2 Whereas for Horvath and Sankoff ( as noted above ) the linguistic variables are ‘ well defined ’ , this is not so in a dialect-divergent community : in such a community few of the linguistic variables can be said to be defined at all .
3 ( Whether old people living in residential homes can be said to be living in the community is a separate issue , some aspects of which are considered in Chapter 7 . )
4 By virtue of being hand-made , all oriental rugs can be said to be unique — a weaver , no matter how hard he or she tries to follow a particular design , will invariably make small mistakes or innovations which will impart some individual flavour to the work — but it is rare to encounter a rug in which the weaver has consciously striven to express his own creative ideas at the expense of a traditional design .
5 But even if the ‘ social ’ stage is moved forward ( tendentiously ) to the point at which these developed resources can be said to ‘ already ’ exist , it is impossible to overlook the extraordinary social history of the institution of systems for their further cultural development .
6 Those who win regularly on significant issues can be said to be powerful .
7 Considering this , the domain specific dictionaries can be said to be less reliable , and based on assumptions about the accurate identification of the domain that may not always be applicable .
8 Except for the climbers and ramblers , which are amenable to being trained and grown on walls and fences , roses can be said to positively dislike being shut in .
9 It should be noted moreover that such a Christology is not predicated upon saying that the difference between the sexes is of minimal importance , or simply to be compared with differences of race , with the implication that women can be said to be like Christ and so for example be ordained .
10 No accounts can be said to be ‘ true and accurate ’ .
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