Example sentences of "[noun pl] over a long period " in BNC.

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1 The examination of all the images produced during a particular period or of a selection of images over a longer period will often provide a good idea of how the relevant state or regime wished to represent itself .
2 The large amounts of data needed for such an analysis were obtained by means of a participant observation method which allowed the investigator to record speakers over a long period , returning to collect more data if specific gaps emerged in the course of the analysis ( cf. 3.1 ) .
3 It will be difficult or impossible to establish a course of dealing on the basis of a small number of transactions over a long period .
4 ‘ Both were using it in the sense that , in regard to the Inns , the judges over a long period , from time to time , had concurred in the Inns performing the duty of selecting those persons who were fit and proper persons to be called to the Bar and to be entitled to a right of audience in the courts and the duty of suspending or prohibiting such persons from practice .
5 Despite the behind-the-scenes politics , the most likely outcome of a redesigned Freedom is a slowing of ESA 's programme to spread the costs over a longer period .
6 The stimulating article Some library costs and options by Brown ( an economist ) concludes ‘ it seems to be worth acquiring and providing storage for , books likely to be wanted more often than , once in about 1.7 years over a long period ’ .
7 In these respects , there has been a general and continuing decline in prison conditions over a long period of time ( King and McDermott , 1999 ) .
8 My own efforts over a long period of time , plus correspondence and telephone calls to various bodies have met with no success .
9 My own efforts over a long period of time , plus correspondence and telephone calls to various bodies have met with no success .
10 The best businesses over a long period of time have been the ones with a single thrust .
11 A table ( see below ) comparing opening and closing equity book value helps to summarise the main changes over a long period .
12 This may apply to a particular period or it may be concerned with changes over a long period of time .
13 Simulation has been used to predict population changes over a long period of time and for charting space-satellite trajectories .
14 Changing the law to place NationalPower and Power-Gen under a legal obligation to agree fixed contracts for specified tonnages over a longer period than the current year was hinted at by Michael Heseltine , the President of the Board of Trade , in evidence to the energy select committee last year .
15 These fish are especially prone to ‘ conditioning ’ ; you can switch their minds onto a certain item of food and if you keep that food trickling through their swims over a long period they will continue feeding , with only short breaks , until that food runs out or some other disaster happens to move them .
16 A case reports and clinical-epidemiological studies have evaluated the cancer risk in patients who have abused anthranoid laxatives over a long period .
17 A case report and clinical-epidemiological studies in patients who have misused anthranoid laxatives over a long period should be considered in a final risk assessment for colorectal cancer in man .
18 The problem of consistency of measurement techniques over a long period of time will have to be faced and may not have a satisfactory solution .
19 Staggered working hours would spread travelling times over a longer period of the day and in many cases allow more efficient use of factories , offices , schools and the equipment therein .
20 Firms with a sustained high level of exports over a longer period may provide further figures for consideration as a consistent exporter .
21 Can I extend my covenant , if I wish to continue making payments over a longer period ?
22 For instance we can suggest ways of rescheduling the payments over a longer period .
23 Greek Intelligence must have been taking a more than passing interest in the activities of our friend Andropulos over a long period , years I would think .
24 They have given staff in schools the space to meet as a group and get to terms with issues over a longer period , complementing the series of other meetings and team meetings that go on anyway .
25 ‘ For example , the lender can arrange loan repayments over a longer period , to help his customer through a difficult financial time and ensure that the loan is not written off ’ , reported Mr McKiernan .
26 What we are clearly seeing in some areas is roughly the same group of people exploiting the same local landscape for their subsistence requirements over a long period , but with successive generations living on different sites at different times .
27 The reason may lie in what happens to the teachers themselves when they first encounter it , rather than in the use they make of it directly with children over a long period .
28 The 30-nation talks in Geneva failed to bridge the gap between countries such as Germany and the Nordic states , which are seeking a 79 per cent cut in emissions by the end of the decade , and those like the UK and France which want a lower level of cuts over a longer period .
29 The incubation period may be up to one year , and this makes it difficult in many cases to decide from whom the warts have been caught ; not only that , but they often seem to have been seeded on the principle adhered to by market gardeners , to give successive crops over a long period .
30 Cook has incidentally been given a testimonial season by Transvaal for his outstanding services over a long period .
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